Green Vine produces intelligent glass cold processing machinery

May 14, 2019 Product Hunt9

To Present Live Demo At China Glass 2019 Exhibition In Beijing

Founded in 2017, Green Vine Machinery Co Ltd is a manufacturer of glass cold processing machinery. It is committed to creating high-end automation and intelligent glass cold processing machinery.

Green Vine produces intelligent glass cold processing machinery

Green Vine focuses on continuous innovation around customer needs, providing customers with competitiveness, safety and trustworthiness. At the same time, the company provides customers with special products such as special sizes and special functions. At present, the company has a well-equipped R&D team, with personnel having more than 10 years of experience in research and manufacture of high-end machine tools. The company’s products include CNC five-axis horizontal working center, CNC three-axis horizontal working center, vertical working center and connection line.

Five-axis horizontal working center
The first in China, representing the highest level of horizontal glass processing machinery, independently developed double swing angle electric spindle milling head, adding grinding bevel and three-dimensional engraving on the function of the three-axis horizontal machining center. The flower function meets the processing needs of various high-end glass products, and the software is independently developed, and the price is 50-60 per cent of the same grade equipment in Europe.

Vertical CNC Working Center
The first in China, it adopts suction cup type transmission, which makes the glass processing without interference zone, high processing efficiency, small floor space and high safety. It can realize drilling, milling, grinding and polishing. Software independent research and development, the price is 50-60 per cent of the same level equipment in Europe.
Horizontal/Vertical Connection Line
Our horizontal CNC and vertical CNC can be combined with the washing machine to form a production line, greatly improving the automation and intelligence of the machinery to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Advantages of GREEN VINE horizontal working center
1. The company has developed and manufactured electric spindle and double swing angle electric spindle independently.
*The electric spindle is equipped with a constant temperature cooler to adapt to different processing environments.
*The electric spindle has the functions of tool center cooling and tool outer cooling. *The electric spindle adopts patented waterproof technology such as gas seal and stator glue injection, which greatly improves its service life.
2. The whole structure has high strength, precision and reliability
3. High glass processing accuracy (±0.1 mm)
4. High processing efficiency 4mm (17000mm/min) 6mm (12000mm/min) 8mm (8000mm/min)
5. The product is powerful and can meet the diversified processing needs of customers.
6. Disc-type rotary tool magazine, automatic tool change, fast tool change speed
7. Fast moving X: 60m/min, Y: 50m/min, Z: 15m/min
8. Independent research and development of multi-function CAM software
9. Adopt high-end CNC system of Spanish Fagor brand.
10. The tool automatically compensates in real time to achieve perfect polishing effect.
1. Opportunity to work with any shape, the only limitation to have just one straight side
2. Opportunity to work small and large glass size with easier loading in narrow space
3. Productive and continuous flow production with glass loading and unloading, easy to make production line with washing machine
4. Save factory space
5. Max function: drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, countersink, arrissing
6. High finished glass quality with precision of ±0.2mm
For more information, attend Green Vine’s live demo at Booth 071, Hall E2, China Glass 2019, Beijing

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