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May 14, 2019 Company News0

Helps Sunglas Glass Drive Developments In The Local Glass Processing Industry

Sunglas Glass Co. Ltd. is a well-known Chinese manufacturer in the field of architectural glass processing. Since its foundation in 1990 by Mr. Zhiqiang He and his wife, the company has been driving developments in the local glass processing industry.

A reliable partner in glass processing – LiSEC

In 2010, Sunglas moved into the current company building – an approx 40,000m² factory in Foshan, a large city in southern China known for its architectural solutions. With a strong team of 200 employees, Sunglas managed to expand not only to Southeast Asia, but also to overseas countries such as New Zealand and Australia, thus increasing the export quota of its products to 80 per cent. Sunglas products are used in many major projects, including Rajamangala University in Thailand and the Adelaide Convention Centre in Australia. The main difference between products of Sunglas and its competitors is the high quality and demandoriented delivery. In addition, its range of services has been enhanced by the implementation of a TQM (Total Quality Management) and various certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, 3C, AS/NS2208:1996 and the National Secondary Measurement Assurance System. As Sunglas products are mainly ordered by foreign customers, Sunglas also has to meet the relevant architectural standards in these markets. Locally produced machines can no longer meet the increased requirements for processing speed and quality. To ensure better product quality and increase output, Sunglas began cooperating with LiSEC in 2017 and acquired a LiSEC insulating glass line with automatic gas filling and sealing machine. Together with the new orders, they want to balance the growing output by stabilising quality. After getting to know the functions of the LiSEC IG line, Mr. He signed the contract without spending too much time on negotiations. “We can say that LiSEC has given us a really powerful tool for greater performance and reliability. Our customers are praising us for the drastically improved product quality, especially the sealing quality,” says Mr. He. The company’s output today is up to 600 square meters per day, compared to the previous 400 square meters. As the owner of a private company, Mr. He is proud he made the right choice. Regarding the cooperation with LiSEC, He particularly emphasises the reliability and flexibility of the LiSEC sales and service team. While assembling the machines, the LiSEC service team noticed how the English language instructions on the display negatively affected local staff’s comprehension and operator confidence. With the support of the LiSEC team, Sunglas employees can now also use the software in Chinese. “I noticed at this point that LiSEC places a clear focus on the needs of their customers and really cares. That is the biggest difference to other providers,” says He. Sunglas is already considering new investments to produce six metre long IG units including shapes. “We hope that our cooperation will soon enter the next phase – especially as this will be a new milestone in the history of Sunglas.” Mr. He visited the open day at LiSEC and the LiSEC GlassForum in 2017. The automated production impressed him very much. “If you interpret the future developments on the market correctly, you have to invest in automation. The LiSEC technology in this area is simply perfect. There is no doubt that LiSEC is our most reliable business partner,” he added.

About LiSEC
LiSEC based in Hausmening/Amstetten is a globally active group, which has been offering innovative individual and overall solutions in the field of processing and refining of flat glass for more than 50 years. LiSEC’s service portfolio comprises machines, automation solutions and services. LiSEC develops and produces glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and entire production lines for the production of insulating and laminated glass as well as machines for the processing of glass edges and tempering systems.

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