Olumpus Glasses — an emerging enterprise in the north

August 16, 2019 Company News9

One Door Solution For All Glass Needs

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Olumpus Glasses Pvt Ltd works with many prominent agencies, supplying glass as per the customer needs.

The company has state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-tech machinery, giving it a huge production capacity. Along with the domestic market, 20% of the total production of Olumpus Glasses is exported. The company has convection Landglass Furnace. Its insulated glass unit adopting the Korean technology with automatic gas filling makes sure all the glass produced are filled with 100 per cent argon gas. Olumpus has a LWDY Convection Lamination line with newly designed Convection Auto Clave. It has a production size of 3 metre x 6 metre, with state-of-the-art Lay-Up Room (Clean Room). From integrated engineering to integrated operations and services, solutions among the vale chain giving tremendous potential to the glass industry. All of the glass have to pass through a quality check, which is closely monitored by experienced personnel having technical knowledge. Its products include clear tempered, bend tempered, extra clear, heat strength glass, ceramic printed glass, double glazes insulated glass, weather proof and noise reduction along with laminated safety glass, acoustic glass, security plus glass, sentry glass and self-clean glass. Olumpus Glasses entered the market in 2014, with no experience in the industry. It started with installing machinery from the best companies to make a debut. It installed jumbo sized fully automatic cutting loading and breakout machine, double edger, washing and convection tempering furnace. After getting a hold on the dealer market, the company expanded its product category to the making of Insulated Glass Units. Having the new setup, the company successfully supplied to many projects. With focus on quality, the company in a very short span of time, got listed in the verified vendor list of many big associations in the country and won their trust. Recently in January, Olumpus started the production of laminated safety glass. With convection pressing line and advance stage convection autoclave, the company has the capability to make various types of laminated glass, including glass with PVB interlayer, acoustic, sentry (SGP), decorative film, bullet proof etc. The company is investing and enhancing its capabilities for the betterment of the market, to provide greater satisfaction to its customers and making different types of glass easily available. It is emerging as a single window solution provider for all glass needs.

About the company

Plywood manufacturing has been the mainstay of Olumpus for over 40 years now. The company was one of the first manufacturers of plywood in Uttar Pradesh. After pioneering plywood, Olumpus forayed into decorative laminate manufacturing. Further, the company began production of formaldehyde, which is a raw material for the plywood and laminate industry. With this, Olumpus went on to be a market leader by having control over the cost and availability of raw materials

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