FUSO Glass: Satisfying ever-changing customer expectations in glass

August 17, 2019 Company Report90

With Experienced Promoters, FUSO Is Recognized For Its Successful Business Dynamics

FUSO GLASS is recognized in the industry for its successful business dynamics. The promoters having more than six decades experience in the glass industry, have been visualizing the market in multiple directions from within and globally.

This has resulted in FUSO introducing to the Indian market new glass product ranges and technologies from around the world. The market acceptance and multilateral growth of demand, along with FUSO Goodwill, prompted FUSO to expand their operations and to go for plants in multi-locations. FUSO now has three plants – at Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

All plants are equipped with a complete range of glass processing facilities under a single roof, an important feature required by project customers to ensure getting uniform quality and timely delivery. The vision of FUSO promoters prompted them to have two of their three plants in places having wellestablished sea-ports (Chennai and Mumbai), to facilitate expanding sales to global markets. The thirst of FUSO promoters did not stop with mere addition of plants. FUSO’s market intelligence cautioned the promoters of the latest glass market dynamics, which is the ever-changing customer expectations in glass and its USBs. Customers are seen expecting new performances, safety and security and of course, not on the compromise of architectural aesthetics. FUSO promoters promptly adopted to the changing market expectations and decided to get their facilities upgraded periodically, enabling them to deliver the right products to its customers at any time. FUSO had thus invested in recent years, in all its three plants, substantial funds in machinery up- gradation, replacing old machines, increasing production capacity and automation / robotizing. Special care has been taken to ensure optimum utilization of space and machinery, with focus on zero error performance in its operations – right from stock receipt and production process to quality check, packing and delivery. Installation of Double Chamber Cyclone Series Tempering Furnace, State-of-the-art Lamination line, online edge deletion and shaping, unique facility to handle jumbo size glasses, Robotic glass handling system are some of the latest additions in FUSO. FUSO has a strong customer relation management system and all sales functions – right from enquiry, customer accounting to after-sales service – are electronically controlled.

Mr Ramesh Kumar Chauhan, Managing Director, is a highly capable person with 13 years’ experience as the Executive Director of Maharaja Whiteline, controlling all-India marketing. Since 2006, he is in FUSO, controlling the operations of all three plants. His role in evolving and building the brand ‘FUSO’ is admired by the glass industry. He played a major role in the adding up of plants in Hyderabad, Mumbai and the automotive division. He is optimistic of taking FUSO to all-India level with more expansion activities and improving functional profitability of the company. Mr Ashok B Jain, Executive Director, a unique techno-commercial person in the glass industry with rich experience, is optimistic of the market demand for glass in the coming years. He said FUSO now has the largest glass processing capacity with tempering 20 lakh square metre/year, laminating 2 lakh square metre/year and insulating 3 lakh square metre/ year.

Mr Ashok Jain was happy to share that FUSO had supplied glasses to more than 18 airport projects in India apart from Vision Exchange 40,000 square metre project at Singapore. He said currently FUSO is exporting to Australia, Singapore, African Countries, Qatar, Dubai, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. He is optimistic of FUSO growing year after year to retain its leadership position on all arena in the glass industry. Mr Anuj Jain, Director, operating from FUSO Hyderabad, is a shrewd analyst and businessman who believes strongly that any business act should lead to genuine profitability by delivering the right product with value for money to the customers. He commented that today’s customers are expecting more in glass unlike olden days, in terms of applications and performance. Customers are prepared to pay for the right product instead of low-price. He said FUSO customers are from these elite segment who seek and pay for performance and these customers are contributing to FUSO’s growth and profitability.

It is worth to mention that FUSO family has two Young Next- Gen Emerging Entrepreneurs, Ms. Himansee Jain and Mr Jainik Jain. Ms Himansee Jain is FUSO’s nextgen young lady based in Mumbai. She was awarded the prestigious Glass Bulletin Award for Young Entrepreneur for the year 2018. She is seen dynamically contributing to FUSO’s business growth in the Western Region. Her dedicated involvement is appreciated by all quarters in playing an effective role in the function and performance of the Mumbai plant. She is optimistic about the growing business potential for glass in the coming years and is sure of FUSO taking the higher market share. Mr Jainik Jain, FUSO’s other youngest next-gen emerging entrepreneur and son of Mr Ashok Jain, is proving highly resourceful with his contribution to the plant modernization activities and implementation of completely automated glass handling system in the Chennai plant under the able guidance of his father. He has expressed confidence in FUSO retain its leadership status in the industry. The whole TEAM FUSO are jubilant in getting the Glass Bulletin Award in the Best Glass Processor category, for subsequent two years, in 2017 at South Zone Level and 2018 in National Level. To summarize, FUSO GLASS INDIA PVT LTD is exhibiting all the positive signs of becoming a major market sharers in India for processed glass.


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