Şişecam extra strong laminated glass

August 19, 2019 Product Hunt135

Şişecam Flat Glass Offers Architects Creative Solutions With Its New Product

Şişecam Flat Glass, the leader of the flat glass market in Turkey and the largest manufacturer in Europe, has completed its work on developing Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass, which provides advanced safety.

Şişecam Flat Glass, which offers innovative solutions based on the market’s changing and developing needs through continuous R&D and investment activities, offers architects the opportunity to develop creative solutions in structural glazing systems such as balustrades, facades, skylights with its new product Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass. Şişecam Flat Glass completed its work to develop ‘Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass’ and launched its new product to the sector professionals in Eurasia Glass Fair with the slogan “Extra Strong, Extra Performance”. Product Hunt Compared to conventional laminated glass, security performance level of Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass is improved. It is produced by combining two or more panels of glass with stronger and more durable special binding agency extra stiff polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure.

While offering architects the opportunity to design wide glass openings with more freedom, Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass also provides extra strength and safety in structural glazing requiring more safety such as facades, glass flooring, glass stairwell and glass railings. Thanks to excellent post breakage strength, most of the fragments remain stuck to the interlayer even when broken, ensuring safety and security for people and property.

Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass can also combined with coloured glasses for aesthetic solutions. It is available with Low-E heat insulation coated and Solar Low-E solar control coated. It also provides extremely high protection against UV radiation and helps to reduce fading. As a Şişecam Group company, a global player of the glass industry, Şişecam Flat Glass is not only the Turkish flat glass market leader, but also has the distinction of being the largest producer of Europe.

Şişecam Flat Glass is the 5th largest flat glass manufacturer in the world. It has production facilities in Kırklareli, Mersin, Bursa and Ankara in Turkey, as well as in 9 other countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Italy, India and Egypt. Operating in four main product categories consisting of “architectural glass” (flat glass, frosted glass, mirror, laminated glass, coated glass, glass for architectural applications), “automotive glass”, “solar energy glass” and glass for home appliances, Şişecam Flat Glass serves many industries such as construction, automotive, energy, white goods, furniture and agriculture.

Meeting all customer expectations in its targeted markets, Şişecam Flat Glass carries out its activities by increasing its competitiveness with its qualified and high-quality products, state-of-the-art technology, and its efforts focused on saving energy for environment protection.

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