OpTran Switchable Film & Glass – changes clear glass to opaque on command

August 19, 2019 Product Hunt1

Made In India By Time Technoplast, It Comes With Full Guarantee & Technical Support

OpTran Film is an innovative product by Time Technoplast Ltd. (Time Tech) which transforms clear glass to opaque or translucent glass at the flick of a switch.

With OpTran Film, large window panels and doors can provide the convenience of an open view as well as privacy and protection at the flick of a button. Made in India for the first time, the switchable film/glass comes with full guarantee and technical support for an easy, assured and firm installation. Optran Film/Glass can be used for a variety of applications such as washroom enclosures in hotels and resorts, large window panels, doors, meeting room partitions, dispensary walls, ICUs, operation theatres, office cabin walls, conference room walls, doors of waiting rooms, security cabin walls, and in automobile showrooms for full displays and rear projections. Its applications are manifold.

Technical support is provided to glass processing houses for an easy production process. Complete training is imparted to customers for delivering excellent services to end-users. Time Technoplast Ltd (Time Tech) is a multinational conglomerate with operations in India and overseas, in countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the USA. It is a leading manufacturer of polymer products. The group operates over 30 production facilities across the globe and is recognized for its innovative plastic products.

Secure your privacy at your convenience!

Get an ‘elegant’ look for your office with our easily installable and re-installable films. It can be used in multiple places such as conference room, waiting room, as an office partition, meeting room partition and as security panels among others.

OpTran switchable FILM & Glass 

Filter out harmful UV rays as you enjoy natural light!

Enables you to have a clear view and ample natural light when you desire. These zero maintenance films & glasses are heat-resistant and offer protection from harmful UV rays.

Provides a Hygienic environment!

Serves as a hygienic solution to provide privacy in operation theatres, dispensaries, wards, intensive care units, pharmacies, clinics and many other areas in hospital, as it eliminates the need for curtains and blinds, which may attract dust and germs.

Rear Projections!

It can be used as a rear projection screen when switched off in showrooms, display outlets, retail stores, malls and other such places to promote products and offers


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