Mappi – for those who want to invest in excellence

March 4, 2020 Product Hunt146

ATS 4.0 Tempering Furnace: Accuracy, Excellence & Reliability Meet Advanced Software Solutions

Passion for excellence is the basis of the choices of Jean Marie and Laurent Personnaz, two brothers who manage and own Miroiterie de Chartreuse. So while investing in a new tempering furnace to carry out high quality works, their choice fell on Mappi: a modern ATS 4.0 2500x5000mm.

Mappi – for those who want to invest in excellence

Miroiterie de Chartreuse, created in 1984 by Jean Marie and Laurent Personnaz, is specialized in glass transformation for premium applications. Love for glass and passion for excellence are the values that characterise the two brothers. Laminated glass production has been increasing steadily in the last 10 years, due to a strong specialization on glass railings. Year after year the company transformed to an industry, never giving up strong product customization. The new ATS 4.0 represents a state-of-the-art tempering furnace. The tradition of accuracy, excellence and reliability meet the most advanced software solutions in managing temperature, energy consumption, setup etc. GHBS Xtreme Profile Convection is one of Mappi’s exclusive solutions, greatly appreciated by Miroiterie Chartreuse. GHBS allows to process all the latest generation coated glass, including low-E with 0.01 Emissivity. GHBS, together with other Mappi innovations, guarantees best glass flatness and reduces the number of PVB films for laminated assembly while quality of components ensure their mechanical performance. Now Mappi has made another step into the future, thanks to the partnership with Siemens. In a first in the glass industry, Mappi furnaces have been recognized as “Powered by Siemens”, ready to implement Siemens MindSphere and also virtually infinite series of 4.0 solutions. “We chose Mappi because we were looking for the best. Well, today we can say for sure: we have found the best machine, the best ease of use and the best support from all the people in Mappi! Last, but absolutely not least, we want to thank Paolo Ducci from Dumatek, the representative for Mappi in France, for his professional support,” Personnaz said.


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