Harish Sokhi – One of India’s first architectural hardware specialists from GAI

March 4, 2020 Personalities4

Provides Technical Expertise On All Aspects Of Architectural Ironmongery

With more than 20 years of experience in the building material industry mainly in architectural ironmongery, Harish Sokhi is one of India’s first architectural hardware specialists from GAI – Guild of Architectural Ironmongery UK.

Guild of Architectural Ironmongers UK is considered the world’s leading and most professional institute in the field of architectural ironmongery business. Sokhi is a trained and qualified professional who provides technical expertise on all aspects of architectural ironmongery. Sokhi plays a critical role in support of architects, contractors and multinational corporations who demand the sophistication of quality product in every corner of the globe. He speaks for the industry at home and abroad on committees concerned with building regulations, European Standards, legislation and the like. Sokhi is also a member of the Indian Buildings Congress (IBC). The affairs of IBC are managed by a governing council having representatives of several central ministries, government departments, and research organizations. Considering the size of the Indian hardware industry which is approximately USD 5 billion and increasing, Sokhi is one of the very few people who are trained to extend their services to ensure all products are tested and certified to internationally accepted industry standards issued by third party internationally recognized testing houses. Acknowledging the growing popularity of the furniture and architectural hardware market in India, international brands like CONSORT, IKEA, EVOC, HULSTA and others are either franchising their product overseas or tying a firm business partnership with local furniture suppliers in India. Big project like airports, hotels, hospitals, smart cities, Metros, pharmaceuticals, IT companies & OEM’s require certified range of hardware. Upgraded National Building Codes conform the requirement of the fire rated products that help provide safety to life and property and this is where the role of a qualified ironmonger is important. Projects like airports and hotels make it compulsory to have a qualified ironmonger on the projects who can confirm the conformity of the products and specifications provided by the various hardware companies. Harish Sokhi, as an architectural hardware consultant, boasts of an impressive list of top manufacturing companies in the door and hardware industry to give customers a product selection second to none.

Email: harishsokhi@rediffmail.com

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    May the world be free from disease

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      November 21, 2020

      Dear Harish Sokhi

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