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Developed by Şişecam Group, revolutionary V-Block Technology which prevents the growth of microorganisms on glass surfaces, is ready to go in to markets as the world’s first antimicrobial glassware. Paşabahçe, the leading glassware brand of Şişecam Group launched products treated with V-Block Technology offering 24/7 hygiene. With a unique formula and application technique, these glassware not only provide hygiene but they remain to be as durable and elegant as any Paşabahçe product. Paşabahçe V- Block product range includes tumblers, cups, tea glasses, saucers, mugs and bowls.Developed by Şişecam Group, revolutionary V-Block Technology, which prevents the growth of microorganisms on glass surfaces, is put on the market by Paşabahçe -Şişecam’s leading glassware brand-. The ultra-hygienic Paşabahçe product range treated with V-Block Technology stand out for being the world’s first and only antimicrobial glassware.


Paşabahçe’s initial V-Block product range includes various tumblers, tea glasses and saucers, mugs and bowls. Keeping Paşabahçe’s signature for durability and elegance, Paşabahçe V- Block products additionally offer 24/7 hygiene. These features make the V- Block range ideal for household, hotel, cafe and restaurant uses during the pandemic and the new normal.

The revolution of the V-Block Technology comes not only from its special formula but also from its unique application technique. The special formula is applied during the production under high temperatures therefore stays active during the full life cycle of the glassware. Paşabahçe V-Block products claim to contribute in the fight against the pandemic by providing protection for places espeacially with high contamination risk, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and cafeterias.

Paşabahçe products featuring V-Block Technology were tested by accredited laboratories and confirmed to be effective on microorganisms by The Ministry of Health of Turkey. Paşabahçe V-Block products are also scratch-resistant, food contact and dishwasher safe. Consumers and businesses with the need for ultra hygiene in their spaces will find Paşabahçe V- Block products to be very effective and helpful.

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