Create New Future — NorthGlass has perfectly finished at the 2021 China Glass Exhibition

May 18, 2021 Latest Updates9
All staff of the NorthGlass Exhibition Mission

On May 9, 2021, the 31st China Glass Exhibition has ended up with successful results. As an influential and pioneering enterprise in deep processing industry, NorthGlass has been concerned by all parties as always.

On the first day, Xiaofeng Yan, the party secretary of China Building Material Council, Ruiping Gao, the director of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Shou Peng, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Guoqing Chen, the deputy secretary and vice president of China Building Material Council, Lianmeng Zhang, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yongmo Xu, the supervisor of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Zhanping Jin, the vice director of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Lixin Song, the vice director of the Chinese Ceramic Society and the vice director of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yimin Wang, the chairman and the secretary of China Building Materials Academy, have come to the booth of NorthGlass. President Li Gao introduced the innovation work in industrial improvement, product upgrading, intelligence, automation and modular, which was praised by the guests. They also encouraged NorthGlass to continue to deepen innovation and creation and contribute to the improvement of the industry.

In the highly competitive and homogenized glass deep processing equipment industry, NorthGlass has innovated and has made an article on the word “new”: new upgraded high stress furnace, new industrial glass automatic connection, new Triturbo fan, new coating cathode, new material, new technology, new application for the unit curtain wall of NorthGlass Silicon Nest, all these reflect the low carbon, green, high efficiency, intelligent core concept and advanced technology. NorthGlass focuses on the use of technology to reduce customer costs, create value for customers, while paying attention to and listening to the voice of customers to meet customer needs and providing customers better service.

Triturbo Fan
Coating Cathode
The unit curtain wall of NorthGlass Silicon Nest

Unlike in the past, the preparation of the post-80s, post-90s entrepreneurs significantly increased in the booth of NorthGlass, NorthGlass received a total of more than 1100 customers. From the customer’s age level, geographical location, customers of NorthGlass can be called “everything”. Due to the control of the epidemic situation, the number of foreign customers was less, and the overall audience was slightly lower than the exhibition before the epidemic, but four days of the exhibition, NorthGlass still signed orders worth nearly 30 million RMB.

With the arrival of the intelligent era, NorthGlass insists on independent research and innovation, actively participates in the international event of the industry, dares to show its sword and compete. The future, intelligent age, is coming.


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