Naitri Enterprise scales new heights of success

September 2, 2021 Company News3

Has Installed Over 100 Glass Processing Machines, Along With Tempering, Laminating Lines, In Just 3 Years

Surat-based glass tools supplier Naitri Enterprise is the authorized agent of Guangdong Fushan Technology Co. Ltd in India since 2018.

Established in 2007, Naitri Enterprise has now ventured into glass machine parts like wheels, drill bits, rubber parts, electric parts and other accessories.
The company already deals in glass processing tools like glass cutting, glass polishing and glass designing materials, and provides installation and after-sales service.

It has been a Guangdong Fushan authorised agent since 2018, and has already installed more than 100 sets of glass processing machines along with tempering and laminating lines.

Initially, Naitri Enterprise began its journey with supply of all kinds of indigenous and imported glass tools and glass machinery accessories. It offered its customers a full range of products, including glass cutters, wheel cutters, glass drill bits, pliers, polishing belts, grinding wheels, UV glue, UV light, glass etching sticker rolls, design books, glass bevel clusters in various sizes and colours, t-cutters, glass vacuum lifters and all kinds of glass cutting, polishing and designing material.
It also dealt in glass machinery accessories like diamond wheels, resin wheels and polishing wheels etc. with other glass machine accessories.
Its sales network covers many cities in India. Its customer relationship is based on commitment, mutual trust, openness and co-evolution. The firm knows its customers’ needs and responds to them quickly. It also offers new product training services.
Naitri Enterprise firm was founded by Mr Suresh Patel, Mr Vipul Patel and Mr Bhavesh Sheta jointly. Their joint efforts have paid them well with the result that this firm is well known across the country for its high quality products.


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