Hana demountable glass partitioning & framed shower sliding systems by Ozone

September 13, 2021 Product Hunt3

Flexible, Easy To Install, Cost-Efficient Solutions For Modern Offices, Residential & Commercial Spaces

Hana glass partitioning system from Ozone is one of the most flexible, easy to install, and cost-efficient solutions for modern-day offices, residential and commercial spaces. It enables creating transparent, clean lines and minimalistic visual appeal to space.

Ozone, the leading player in the architectural hardware segment, introduces demountable glass partitioning solutions for offices, residential, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial spaces. These newly introduced partitioning solutions have been named “Hana Partitioning Systems”.
Hana Glass Partitioning Systems are designed to complement modern architectural interior trends. These are easy to install aluminium frame profiles for glass to glass and glass to wall applications. These can be combined with various sliding and swing door hardware derivatives to create multiple solutions as per the needs, such as single glass swing door solution, double glass swing door solution, wall to glass swing door solution, and sliding door solutions.

This new Hana collection also includes a minimal sliding system and a framed shower sliding solution. The minimal sliding system is designed to create a contemporary sleek look to the area and is apt to use for creating office cubicles, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. On the other hand, framed shower sliding system is offered in 02 variants; 180-degree and 90-degree applications.

Main highlights of Hana Partitioning Solutions:

  • Clear and unobstructed view
  • Easy and cost-efficient installation
  • Modern look
  • Swing door solutions
  • Sliding door solutions
  • Framed shower sliding solutions
  • Customizable system
  • Hardware can be selected as per specific needs
  • Available in Black Matt and Satin Anodised finishes

Hana glass door partitioning profiles are suitable to use with 10 mm and 12 mm toughened glass, having a weight carrying capacity of 45-100 kg. These can be used to create partitions up to 3,000 mm height and door configuration with over panel and sidelight.
Hana framed shower sliding system is suitable for 8 mm toughened glass and can be used to create shower partitions up to 2,000 mm in height. Hana Partitioning System is available in AN and BM finishes with hardware choices in AN, SSS, and BM finishes to deliver well-synergized colour coordinated interior partitioning solutions.

Glass wall partitioning systems are in great demand due to the various advantages they bring to space and occupants. They enable a transparent view that leads to better light and energy flow hence creating livelier space. The installation does not take a lot of time and is flexible enough to divide the interior space into the functional area without the loss of space.
Hana Partitioning System are available at authorized Ozone hardware stores across India.

Email: customercare@ozone-india.com
Website: www.ozone-india.com

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