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November 22, 2021 Interview5

Amitoj Singh Bhambra Speaks To GB About His Plans For Company Set Up By His Father & Grandfather

Bhambra International is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a series of well-engineered glass processing machinery, glass drilling machinery, and glass processing accessories.

Mr. Amitoj Singh,
Director, Bhambra International

Tell us about yourself and what made you to join Bhambra International?
After high school, I did mechanical engineering from MDU University, Rohtak. By the time I was 20, I had gained some knowledge about this sector and hence, I joined my father in his business. Not only is this our family legacy which runs in my blood, my father’s dedication towards the firm wooed me in.

What are the advantages and challenges that you faced after joining a business set up by your grandfather?
he major advantage was that all the groundwork had been laid by my father and my grandfather. Initial struggles were definitely eliminated like building a clientele, securing suppliers, employees and establishing a strong foothold in the marketplace, but it took hard work, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit to keep up. Bhambra International already had made a promising position for itself in the market with a capacious warehouse, advanced research centre, best quality products, robust examination facility, and extraordinary customer satisfaction. One of the biggest challenges I had to face was to maintain this hard-earned reputation.

We have supplied more than 50 tempering lines, 1,800 glass polish machines, 1,000 glass beveling machines and 2,000 drill machines in the past three decades.

What kind of new perspective are you looking for in the Indian glass machinery industry?
Everyone knows that we are the first manufacturer of glass machinery in Indian and in the last five years since I joined, we have started manufacturing glass furnace in India itself. In the future, we have plans to manufacture all machines in India, and the overall vision for the entire industry would be to make in India with better quality, latest technology and competitive prices.

How did you deal with the Covid situation?
It was definitely the most unexpected and uncertain of times with not just financial but mental challenges for a lot of people. It was very tough for us too just like everyone else, but we tried our best to help those in need, our engineers, labourers and staff members were in constant support from us. It was certainly a hard situation but I hope we all could learn from this pandemic and be a little more humble and sensitive towards each other.

Bhambra International has a good name and fame in India. How is the company doing internationally?
We have been in this industry for three generations and have made an exceptional reputation with our outstanding products. We have supplied more than 50 tempering lines, 1,800 glass polish machines, 1,000 glass beveling machines and 2,000 drill machines in the past three decades. Our well-engineered products with competitive prices and high value added services have helped us reach beyond the borders. We have supplied tempering furnace to African countries, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and other glass machines to Canada, the US, Bhutan and Pakistan.

Tell us about your glass machine ranges.
We have many ranges like glass tempering furnace, grinding/polish machine, beveling machine, washing machine, drill machine, EVA laminated machine etc. Our range encompasses straight line edging machines, spindle beveling machines, spindle edge grinding machines, glass sand blasting machines, glass double edging machines, shape edging machines, etc. These products are precision engineered using high grade raw materials and the latest technology. It is made available in specifications requested by customers.

Tell us about your bonding with your father Mr Balwinder Singh Bhambra. How were you motivated by him?
We share not just an exceptional father-son relation but also a beautiful friendship. We are very open to each other and have honest conversations. He is my role model and my constant source of inspiration, and we strive to be the best today because of his vision and honest commitment towards everyone part of the Bhambra International family.

Our Prime Minister introduced the concept of ‘Make in India’. How is this slogan relatable in terms of your business?
Yes, we strongly support this idea and it is part of our vision. We have been pushing ourselves to be self-sufficient and have had a positive response from our customers too. In the last four years we have installed more than 30 tempering processing units made under our brand Bhambra International.

What is your future planning to serve India as well the international glass machinery market?
My future planning is to serve with more quality products and after-sales service to maintain our legacy in India as well as abroad. We follow stringent quality measures at each production and processing stage. We have a world-class quality inspection cell and a robust R&D centre. Our quality panel does not leave a single stone unturned to ensure the highest standards.

About the company
Incorporated in the year 1980, Bhambra International has taken a giant stride in establishing itself as a noted player in the glass machinery sector.

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