High performing Legend Casement & Legend Sliding systems

November 24, 2021 Product Hunt3

Make Way For The Future Of Thermal And Acoustic Insulation From Deceuninck

Deceuninck, one of the leading producers of uPVC profiles for doors and windows, designs systems to be more than an attractive portal to the outside world.

One of the features that attract many towards Deceuninck uPVC door and window profiles is thermal insulation. The experience of living in a comfortable temperature irrespective of whatever the weather is outside certainly makes the inner environment more appealing. During summers, when you enter a room with Deceuninck door and window profiles, you no longer have to worry about the wrenching heat or the discomfort it causes. Similarly, during winters, you’ll no longer have to carry heavy clothes even when you are inside.
The high-level thermal insulation performance creates a perfect room temperature for one to relax or choose to focus on work without the weather troubles. Additionally, due to the thermally insulated door and window profiles, spending on energy will also drop, thereby resulting in energy cost savings.
If you are looking for such exceptional thermal insulation performance, then the 80 series Legend Casement and 149mm Sliding Frame with 76mm Sash Legend Shiftand-Slide (sliding) system are perfect options. They are strong, secure, long-lasting, thermal, and acoustic insulated — a complete set of features that will considerably enhance your experience of living.
To understand more about what each of the above two Legend products can do, let’s discuss each one in detail.

  1. Legend Casement: The Legend system is perfectly designed with state-of-the-art 6 chambers technology. The profile comes with 80mm depth which provides excellent thermal insulation performance which substantially reduce heating costs compared to standard windows.
    The Legend casement comes with harmonized design and premium features that satisfy all the highest requirements.
    The Uf value of the legend casement system is measured to be 0.92W/m2k. With an 80mm profile depth, it can accommodate glass thickness up to 52mm which is the ideal choice for Passive Housing. In this way, the thermal conductivity of the window, combined with profile section and glass, creates a superior U window value of less than 1W/m2k. Along with high-level thermal performance, you will also get excellent noise reduction of up to 49dB. The air permeability of the system as per BS EN 12207 Class 4, and water tightness as per BS EN 12208 – Class E1350. In addition, the windows & doors are designed with reference to wind resistance as per IS 875 – Part III. Lastly, another premium aspect of the system are its aesthetics. The system is available in white colour along with a variety of solid and wooden finishes and is suitable for doors, shop fronts, inside opening as well as Tilt & Turn Windows.

2. Legend Sliding System – The all new Shift & Slide System: If you are looking for something more than an aesthetic door, then this option is perfectly suited for you. Guaranteed to perform for years to come, the Legend Shift-and-Slide system adds a notch of strength and security to your doors.
The system has solid hinges with a multi-point locking system, making your door a strong barrier for any burglar. With a 6 chamber design the Legend Slide system establishes the perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living as it provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. You also get an easy-to-use locking system made from an effectively secured lock technology.
Its Uf value is 1.4W/m2k as it can accommodate glass thickness up to 52mm, with a noise reduction measurement of up to 32dB.
The Legend Slide is tested for air permeability as per BS EN 12207 for 600 pascals and for water tightness as per BS EN 12208 up to 450 pascals ie, Class 8A. Its high water and air tightness makes it ideal for coastal areas which experience heavy rainfall. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal experience cyclones every year with wind speeds exceeding 180Kms/hr.

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