Şişecam Features Flat Glass BIM Smart Objects to Industry Professionals

February 24, 2022 Latest Updates9

Şişecam, Europe’s leading flat glass producer in terms of production capacity, created BIM Smart Objects for its flat glass products and featured them both on its own website and BIMobject.com in order to be used in projects that require Building Information Modeling.

As one of the top five flat glass producers worldwide, Şişecam created digital replicas – BIM Smart Object versions – of its flat glass products. These digital products are now available on the Şişecam website as well as BIMobject.com. This effort ensures that Şişecam Flat Glass products are widely accessible in those projects where BIM (Building Information Modelling) is used.

A BIM Smart Object includes various types of information; such as performance data, dimensions, weight, thickness, glass combination, glass type, etc in total 150 parameters as well as a 3D model version of the product. Architects, engineers and construction professionals are able to download BIM Smart Objects for all product groups in Revit family *.rfa, and also in *.txt and *.ifc which are facilitating the use of those products. 

On its website, Şişecam enables users to filter products for BIM Smart Objects and download BIM files of the most suitable products for their projects. A user guide containing detailed information on the model structure and use of BIM Smart Objects is also available on Şişecam’s website: duzcam.sisecam.com/en/architectural-glass/bim-smart-objects Also, users can easily download Şişecam’s BIM Smart Objects for their projects at bimobject.com/en/sisecam-flat-glass.

About Şişecam

One of the most established industrial enterprises in Turkey, Şişecam is a global player in business lines including glass manufacturing and production, including flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber as well as soda and chromium chemicals. Today, Şişecam ranks second worldwide in glassware production and among the top five manufacturers of glass packaging and flat glass. Şişecam is also the world’s eighth largest soda producer as well as the global leader in chromium compounds. Operating in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, India and the USA, Şişecam plays a leading role in the flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, chemicals, automotive, glass fiber, mining, energy and recycling sectors. As a global company with more than 86 years of experience, 22,000 employees, production activities spanning 14 countries on four continents, and sales in 150 countries, Şişecam aims to become one of top three global producers in all of its core business lines.

Şişecam produces flat glass with 10 production facilities overseas in a total of 6 different countries including Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, India, and Egypt, as well as in Turkey with facilities in Kırklareli, Mersin, Bursa, and Ankara. Through its ever-expanding product range, Şişecam provides input to the construction, furniture, energy, and home appliances industries.  Şişecam operates under three key flat glass product groups; namely, “architectural glasses” (e.g. flat glass, frosted glass, mirrors, laminated glass, coated glass), “energy glasses”, and “home appliances glasses”, providing input to numerous industries including construction, energy, home appliances, furniture, and agriculture.


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