3P Shield – protective coating for silicabased surfaces, viz. glass, granite, quartz, ceramics etc.

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It Works At Nanoscale Level To Form Ultra-Thin Protective Layer Of Optically Clear Material

3P Nanopac Pvt Ltd showcases 3P Shield, protective glass treatment for glass, granite, tile, porcelain and other silica-based surfaces, at Clean India Expo (Mar 24-26) in New Delhi.

Untreated glass is not smooth. When viewed microscopically, one would see peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys can cause pitting, chipping and cracking. The peaks also create prisms where light is reflected and refracted, causing vision distortion and glare. Water collects in the valleys, depositing dirt, minerals and other materials that will stain and etch the glass surface over time.
As a solution, 3P Nanopac has brought in proven nanotechnology protective coating for all silica-based surfaces such as glass, ceramic, porcelain granite and quartz. 3P Shield, works at the nanoscale level, approximately 30 nanometres.
The change of the molecular composition of the silica-based surface created by nano-coating and bonding nanoparticles, along with the cross-linking, and branching enables full efficiency of the coating process at an atomic level. A chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optical clear material which makes the surfaces significantly easier to clean and resistant to weathering.
3P Nanopac’s unique protective coating 3P Shield offers a range of benefits when applied on silica-based surface like shower enclosures, glass and granite surfaces.

  • Prevents stains, corrosion and etching
  • Needs less frequent cleaning
  • Reduction In mold and bacteria
  • Stain and graffiti resistance
  • General abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to leaching caused by hard water
  • At least 20% more brilliance (shine in glossy surface)
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Reduces need for hard cleaning chemicals up to 50%
  • Lesser time for cleaning, increase productivity

3P Nanopac provides total solutions to protect and restore the beauty with economical and environment friendly products, restoration powder, products promoted by 3P Nanopac helps to remove hard water stains on silica surfaces and 3P Shield protective coating helps in protecting the surfaces. These can be applied on new glass too.
Building exteriors treated with 3P Shield requires UPTO 60 percent fewer cleanings, resulting in substantial water savings and reduction in the need for harsh chemical cleaning products. 3P Shield treated windows stay cleaner for longer, optimizing a building’s overall energy efficiencies. It also protects exterior glazing from extreme etching, preventing costly replacement projects that ultimately contribute to landfills.
Solar panels treated with 3P Shield are easily cleaned of dirt and debris, thus ensuring a high-performing and energy efficient PV system.
The company offers onsite restoration solutions for existing glass surfaces such as façade, shower, and window glass.

About the company
3P Nanopac Pvt Ltd offers low maintenance solutions to protect and preserve building façades, shower & other interior glasses.

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