Taiton brings biometric digital locks for uPVC, aluminium doors

May 18, 2022 Events4

With Innovation At Its Core, Taiton Looks To Create Better Products And Integrate Them In Its Offering

Taiton Architectural Hardware has the largest and most comprehensive product range which has been skilfully crafted to suit the modern hi-tech needs of commercial and residential establishments.

Taiton showcased all of its major products at the ACE Tech Exhibition held during March 4-6 at the Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad. It introduced a new segment of biometric digital locks for uPVC and aluminium doors. Tavic by Taiton slim framed automatic sliding and office partitions and wardrobe profiles were the new launches during the expo.
It also participated took part in international food and hospitality fair Aahar held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from April 26-30. A beautiful display of all major products was showcased at the event whichs enthused and drew a large number of professionals like architects, builders and interior designers and the general public too.

In addition, Taiton participated in the IIID Design Confluence and Showcase from February 25-27 at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow.
It also took part in ARCHEX (The Architectural Exhibition) held in Chandigarh from March 11-14 which drew visitors from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Taiton’s intentions to decorate interior spaces has inspired it to foray into diverse fields with a premium and exclusive range of products. In the current dynamic world, infrastructural development is witnessing a rapid advancement, hence, there is a requirement to continuously innovate the products utilizing some of the latest technologies to offer solutions that match perfectly to the needs of modern customers.

With over five years of experience in everything related to accessibility and security, Taiton continues to innovate and provide the best of products, along with solutions and high-class services to our customers, pan India.
Innovation has been the core of Taiton philosophy since its very inception. As the technology evolves, the company too tries to create better products and integrate them in offering to the customer and making their experience aesthetically fulfilling and functionally easier and smoother.

The company designs various paraphernalia online and gives presentations and holds regular events at various locales. The aim is to inform and update all people in the chain, including architects, builders, contractors and also the end-users, about the upcoming and innovative items which Taiton keeps adding to its bouquet of products and offers its clientele a worthy platform to touch and feel the products.
The company also offers them personalized service and information about the usage, quality and easy functionality etc. With this view point, it participates in shows and exhibitions from time to time at different locations.

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