LongLasst Glasses refurbishes itself

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Now Offers A Complete Solution Of Processed Glass

LongLasst Glasses Pvt Ltd., earlier known as LongLasst Inc., is among the leading entities in the glass processing industry of north India, and the only company that provides a complete solution in processed glass in the heart of the city of Delhi. Its location in central Delhi proves beneficial to the processed-glass retailers as it ensures speedy delivery.

Its footprint stretches over a wide range of architectural processed glass, including heat strengthened (HS) glass, toughened glass, insulated glass (DGU), laminated glass, bullet resistant glass, ceramic printing and industrial glass products, glass fittings, steel furniture, uPVC / profile & fittings, facade and glazing. As Longlasst undergoes a sea of changes to evolve itself to better adapt to the rising challenges of the modern glass industry, the management of the company also sees a complete overhaul. Mr Manoj Kumar stepped in to take the helm of the organization and steer it ahead on its journey following the exit of its former director. Mr Kumar is a science graduate and holds an MBA degree in marketing. He has a vast experience of over 18 years in the glass processing industry. He started his career in this industry with one of India’s most reputed companies. He joined Longlasst Glasses Pvt Ltd in 2016 as director. Mr Kumar has been in the glass trading industry and in contractual business for over eight years. In a very short period of time, Mr Kumar has been able to script an impressive run in the company. The company’s turnover showed an impressive leap soon after Mr. Kumar, along with present director Mr. Sanjay Sharma, held the reins. Mr Sanjay Sharma, also a director of LongLasst’s Glasses, is an experienced industrialist and an established entity in the stainless steel industry. Today, LongLasst Glasses has equipped itself with modern machineries to produce architectural glasses. Its ultra-modern processing plants are capable of producing and supplying the widest range of products to meet total market requirements. The company recently acquired an autoclave-free PVB laminated machine, which is capable of producing glass slabs measuring up to 8feet×12feet. With this setup the company now has a complete solution for various types of processed glass. LongLasst has a well-established system to comply with ASTM standard requirement as well as comply with various other certification requirements. The company claims to have the credential to offer the best quality with a commitment to ensure delivery on time. A proven leader in the Indian market, LongLasst Glasses Pvt Ltd., has an impressive list of clients that includes leading corporate houses, shopping malls, hospitals, medical institutions, government sectors, luxury heritage hotels.

E-mail: sales@longlasstinc.com
Website: www.longlasstinc.com

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