GOLDEN GLASS AWARDS-China Glass Industry Value Forum 2017 Ceremony Came to A Successful Conclusion

June 16, 2017 Events0

On May 23RD , GOLDEN GLASS AWARDS-China Glass Industry Value Forum 2017 Award Ceremony was held at Crown Plaza in Beijing.

Opening Speech-Mao Jicheng, Founder&Chairman of China Glass Network

Report from Li Chunchao-Sales Director of Tianjin North Glass

Report from Wei Mingxian-Consultant of China Construction Materials

Report from Tang Ruofei-Agile Group Beijing Company

Report from Shahe Yujiu

Report from Rajesh Karatia-GlassCo Australia

Circle Discussion about exploration and innovation of the glass industry
Then, the fourth Golden Glass Awards ceremony was held as scheduled. Let’s take a look at the final list.

Top Ten Flat Glass Brand

Top Ten Decorative Glass Brand

Top Ten Architectural Glass Brand

Top Ten Glassware Brand

Top Ten Appliance Glass Brand

Top Ten Machinery & Equipment Brand

Top Ten Chemicals&Accessories Brand

Top Ten Tools Brand

Top Ten Comprehensive Strength Brand

“Mulan” Awards

Craftsman Awards

“Contribution” Awards

So far, Golden Glass Awards successfully ended; in hence, we sincerely thank all the guests and congratulations to all the winning enterprises and individuals. China Glass Network will continue to strive for development, upgrading and let the world love Chinese glass brands.



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