MODIGUARD announces sputter-coated reflective glass production


Organises Processors’ Meet Against The Backdrop Of China Glass 2017

On the side-lines of the China Glass exhibition 2017, Gujarat Guardian Limited (MODIGUARD) conducted a processors’ get-together at Beijing’s Hotel JW Marriott, on May 25, 2017.

In a shift of stance from their earlier get-togethers, Modiguard seemed to put its complete focus on processors this time. A proof to the fact is that over a 100 glass processors from across India attended the event and rendered it successful. The evening kicked off with a welcome address by Modiguard’s National Head of Sales & Marketing, Mr NG Rau. Mr Rau introduced the processors to the new head of architectural products, Mr. Darshan Ngarsekar. Mr Rau used the opportunity presented by the attendance of processors from across India to announce the news of Modiguard’s upcoming coater unit, which will be operational by December 2017 at their current premises in Ankleshwar, with sputter coat technology. With this new coater, Modiguard will step into the market of soft-coat reflective glass. The announcement was received with cheerful applause by the processors. Modiguard also took on itself to use the platform to familiarise the audience with its newest venture. This was taken care of by Mr Sourabh Kankar, who put up a vivid presentation on the details of the coater and products to be manufactured complete with photographs of construction activities at the plant to give the processors a clearer picture of the progress of the venture. Mr Kankar also touched across projects undertaken by Guardian Coated products in India. The meeting was followed by an entertainment programme, cocktails and dinner, followed by networking with the processors. Modiguard scripted a great success with the spectacular evening as the processors were quite excited that they finally have a big player in the field with better products and an alternative to the existing manufacturers. Modiguard also talked about its Processor Certification Programme in detail and the process of certification on a pan-India basis. The attendees expressed their desire to be a part of the certification programme.

About the company
Gujarat Guardian Limited is a joint venture company with Guardian Industries Corp. (USA), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of float, mirror, interior products and reflective glass. As an industry leader, Gujarat Guardian Limited has a strong network of dealers, processors and authorised retailers and the MODIGUARD® name enjoys strong brand image. The company strives to maintain its focus by providing exceptional customer service.


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