Alstone launches GP 300 – general purpose sealant

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Moisture-Cure Sealant Available In Three Colors

Alstone is the first company in India to manufacture silicone sealant. Alstone purchased the German technology, installed state-of-the-art machinery at its plant in Rajasthan and started production in 2011.

In acetoxy range, general purpose sealant – GP 300 is the basic product of Alstone. General purpose silicone is used in the interior for filling gaps of any type. It is a moisture-cure sealant and available in three colors – black, white and clear. It is used in interior application areas like toilets, bathing area, sinks, balconies, bathtubs etc. i.e. it can be used everywhere where there is a gap present. In simple words, GP-300 is a gap-filler. Alstone has studied Indian weather conditions and Indian fabricators’
mindset in depth, and after analyzing each and every aspect come up with a unique product that will suit all conditions – GP 300. Alstone GP-300 comes in cartridge size of 280ml and is available in all big and small cities across the country. Alstone general purpose sealant is manufactured from pure silicone polymer and its elongation and tensile strength is better due to virgin polymer. Alstone general purpose silicone is clear and gives amazing finish as no oil oozes out from it and it gives very
low acidic smell which makes it easy to apply. GP-300 provides superior adhesion and is a completely VOC-free product. In India, Alstone has seen a rapid increase in its market share which is a reflection of its growing demand and conviction among customers that it is the best product.

About the company
Alstone occupies the unrivaled position of being an industry leader offering the widest range of innovative Aluminium Composite Panels, silicone sealants and Hybrid Boards. Alstone has been providing consumers, trade and professionals with world class products using the latest technology and have introduced a path breaking concepts in the Indian furniture industry.

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