Alstone presents STIXALL – a bond for life

May 14, 2019 Product Hunt0

MS Polymer-Based Adhesive Made For Pasting Anything To Anything

Alstone Industries Pvt Ltd presents ALSTONE STIXALL, an adhesive made for pasting anything to anything. StixAll is a high strength adhesive. It is a MS Polymer (Modified silicone) based product with a patented technology of Japan.

Alstone presents STIXALL – a bond for life

StixAll can be used to bond mirror glass to glass, mirror glass to tile, mirror glass to concrete, mirror glass to stone, mirror glass to metal, mirror glass to wood, lacquered glass to glass, lacquered glass to tile, lacquered glass to concrete, lacquered glass to stone, lacquered glass to metal, lacquered glass to wood etc., metal to metal, plastic to plastic, stone, concrete, fibre glass etc. In India, only Alstone produces such MS-based polymer products. Alstone StixAll is especially useful for pasting of mirror and lacquered glass. This product gives a high bonding strength without damaging the back coating of these two materials. The curing time is also just 15-20 minutes which is enough to give good strength that it can hold the products without any support afterwards. It has a cure rate of 2mm/24 hours with a tooling time of only 10min. it is a non-sagging and non-swelling product. StixAll has an excellent UV and temperature resistance ranging between -40 to 100 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. StixAll is one product which can completely remove the operations of nailing and screwing while fixing mirror and lacquered glass. The product has a service life of over 10 years. It can easily take heavy loads without any additional support as it has instant grab and high loadbearing capacity. It can be applied for underwater and wet surface applications. Alstone StixAll is a green product with zero odour and VOC compliance which means it does not give away nasty odorous gases and harmful emissions. The application areas can range from kitchen fittings to bathroom fittings. The product is available in the market in 280ml cartridge and 100gm tube and comes in two colours – white and clear.

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