ICON brings automatic sliding sensor door

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Available In 4.2, 5.2 & 6 Metre Track Length

Icon metal launches intelligent microcomputer-controlled automatic sliding doors.

The automatic sliding doors come with an intelligent microcomputer controller that directly regulates the operating parameters, making the drive run smoothly, safely and reliably. Its high efficiency, high torque, small size DC brushless motors, gear box with helical gears makes the operation quick, quiet and smooth. It comes equipped with motion sensors. It has a convenient, modular design that makes the setting process very simple. The door automatically rebounds as soon as it hits an obstacle. The system is powered with a brushless dc Motor. Coupled to a precision helical gear reducer, low noise and precision movement transmitted via toothed belt drive. It is best suited for residential areas, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls, showrooms etc. Icon Metal Marketing produces architectural glass hardware such as Patch fitting, Shower hinges, SS Handles, Glass fitting, Spider fitting etc. The company strives to develop traditional and contemporary architectural hardware products to cater to the demand of different market segments. ICON™ product is sold worldwide and is very popular. The product portfolio has a wide range of design and finishes. Icon Metal has a state-of-the-art plant at our manufacturing unit well equipped with modern and sophisticated machinery especially designed for bulk and efficient production. With an in-house testing laboratory, the company provides high quality products by complying with international standards. The company boasts of its own expert technical support team to offer high-end valuable services in terms of designing of glass facades for spider fitting, shower enclosures systems, canopy fittings, auto sensor door installation and other customized solution as per the client need and demand.

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