SAFEX Brings Power Spring

January 1, 2017 Product Hunt0

SAFEX proudly announces the launch of Power Spring, claiming that the product is jam packed with the best of the best. It comes with the latest technology, finest design and excellent durability. Making things simpler along with higher quality for our customers is our top-most priority. The Power Spring guarantees customer satisfaction due to its innovative/ automated manufacturing process.

The Power Spring has been tested numerous times in the factory-owned testing facility duly approved by the highest international standards and complying with UL certifications. It has been duly tested and certified by CE. The Power Spring has been manufactured under the strict compliance with UL standards and has been enlisted as EN 1154 certified Floor Spring. Ever since the inception of the Power Spring, it has revamped the floor spring market with its high quality, efficient performance, reliability and ability to conform to the international standards guarantee. SAFEX understands the necessity of having a product with a strong foundation to be able to deliver a high performance. The Power Spring encompasses a 10-year replacement guarantee, appropriate for door width up to 1100mm & weight of 110 kg, prepared with patented manufacturing process. It is a heavy duty spring with improved resilience for the best performance. This product (Power Spring) has surpassed its predecessors in terms of technology, durability, design and performance. This is why we want our customers to have the very best. It comes in 2 variants as per market demand:

  1. Size-3 Suitable for door width up to 900mm
  2. Size-4 suitable for door width up to 1100mm.



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