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KALCO’s Journey Is All About Developing Green And Energy Efficient Products

Established in 1992, the brand has been driven by a singular purpose of providing energy efficient products. Motivated by its green innovation approach, it has been manufacturing a wide range of aluminum products like Doors, Windows, Facades, and Ladders for architectural designing.

The brand’s 25-year journey speaks volumes about its efforts in consciously designing these products to provide better architectural solutions to corporates, residences and multiplexes.

Product range
A mark of exceptional inventiveness, a few of their classic products are Thermal Break System, Aluminium Wood System, Slim-Line Series and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). They are an ideal combination of an innovative design and unique properties contributing to a greener world. Leaving a lighter environmental footprint, they not only help conserve nature but are sanely cost-effective, low-maintenance and long lasting. A brand leader in fabrication, KALCO has introduced yet another innovative product called ‘Skyview’.

KALCO Skyview-an innovative slim line sliding door system
The Skyview 32, a sliding door system, is the latest product from the brand in its Slim Line Series range. A showcase of ingenious approach, it has a design system that could be used for multiple purposes from windows and doors, to composite models for commercial and residential uses. With its sleek design and contemporary looks, it is a chic addition in any home or office décor setting. Designed to ensure good performance, the system is composed of various design solutions. The concealed sash version design with hidden frames is its best asset. This design completely submerges into the walls offering a great outside view from the comfort of your home. Its ability to withstand up to 800 Kgs of glass weight gets it all the brownie points. Its most amazing feature is its effectiveness against environmental elements. It has a better U value which means it gives better insulation making it heat, water, air and sound resistant.


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