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January 1, 2017 Technical Articles0

Lingel Introduces uPVC Windows And Doors

uPVC (unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is a specially formulated PVC which has been made resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This keeps the material in new condition even after many years of usage. Here are some reasons why one must select uPVC

Why choose uPVC over wood? When it comes to making a choice between wood and uPVC, it is easy to make a decision as uPVC is the safest to use for your home. uPVC structures provide higher performance, help to save energy and are ecofriendly. It makes it safe for people living in it and puts fewer burdens on the environment.

All Season Friendly
No matter what the weather outside is, uPVC window or door has an advantage for your home. If you have wooden windows and doors you face issues like bloating of wood, fire, sound, windows getting jammed, leakage and much more. You will not face these issues if you are using a uPVC window or door. uPVC windows provide water tightness during the monsoon season, even for dry and dusty areas these windows are ideal because of their dustproof performance which is the highlight of these windows. With our lives moving at a fast pace it becomes extremely vital to have windows and doors that are easy to maintain and are sustainable. Fixing the appropriate door or window for a home is very crucial as it not only safeguards your home but also endures rough weather conditions.

If you wish your windows and doors to last longer, installing uPVC will solve your issue for the next two decades. When looking for options with windows and doors, consider factors like durability and sustainability which will make a difference. uPVC windows are low on maintenance as they do not require regular polishing or don’t have issues with termites, thus reducing the requirement to paint or varnish them frequently. Just a regular clean at intervals is enough to make it last longer than you could imagine. This is usually a once in a life time investment.

Secure and Safe
Go for windows which have multi-locking systems. These are neat and offer security to your home. uPVC windows have double glazing which makes in sound proof and has fire extinguishing properties, unlike wood. Fire extinguishing property is a critical factor and neglecting this can be disastrous. Therefore, installing uPVC doors and windows is a smart choice. Oxygen Index of PVC is 45 – 49; this is less than the required percentage. If your door is made of wood, the fire will spread faster. For it to burn it needs nearly 50% oxygen to continuously burn as atmosphere contains only around 21% oxygen. Calcium carbonate and chlorine in PVC prevents it from burning and make it self-extinguishing. These windows are airtight and keep pollution out.

Additional security aspects:

  1. Key locking handles in windows so that kids can’t open it.
  2. Safety glazing is standard for all the windows. The glass is toughened in case it breaks into small pieces.
  3. Security glazing as burglar proof or even if children are playing the glass won’t break.
  4. Steel reinforcement – The Lingel windows and doors are fitted with galvanized steel reinforcement. It makes the window very stable and prevents any bending of the uPVC Profile.

Aesthetically Panache
uPVC has neat fittings, looks sleek, trendy and is a high-end product. If you have wood, you may not have so many color options unless you decide to paint it, but this may not be the case with uPVC. The combination of the three layers of PVDF and Polyacrylates results in outstanding properties. These foils keep the look of the windows like natural wood. If you look at it from a 4 feet distance one can’t even figure out if it is wood or uPVC wooden foil window. This makes it even more appealing to use uPVC doors and windows for your home. Windows and doors open a new avenue to your home creating the first impression about your lifestyle and taste. uPVC is impact-resistant, strong, light-in-weight, rust proof, durable and recyclable.


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