Jivan Industries opens a glorious innings

August 12, 2017 Company News0

Culmination Of Dreams Of Three Friends Who Decided To Take Their Bond To A New Level

When three friends came together to set up a joint venture and strengthen their mutual bond of friendship as well as achieve new heights of their careers – the idea of Jivan Industries was born. 


Coming up in Raipur, Chattisgarh, Jivan Industries is the culmination of aspirations of Mr. Manish Agrawal, Mr. Vishal Patel & Mr. Nishant Sharma. The advent of the trio into business and their training was conducted under the watchful eyes of their respective families. The trio spent almost two years selecting the field they wanted to do business in. A drastic change in infrastructure development throughout the state led them to the most untouched corner – Glass. Their initiative became stronger when, first they met Mr. Manoj Verma, project consultation company “Victory Glass Solutions”, Ahmedabad. Their dream project of glass processing transformed into a concrete decision after being assured of the best, modern and cost-effective machinery. In 2016, all three families came together and laid the ceremonial first brick on a 1,05,000 square feet plot of land at Metal Park, Raipur. Soon the construction of a covered shed of 20,000 square feet ensued. As per common interest and vision to provide all types of solution to their clients, they are going to start production of Glass Tempering and Double / Triple Glass Insulation with state-of-the-art machines. These machines are well versed with processing of Patterned Glasses, ST, KT & ET series along with few other special high profile imported glasses: Glass Toughening Machine with Fan Convection – SIKE, Double/Triple Layer Glass Insulation 4 corner step and Organ gas Filling – HANJIANG, Beijing, China, Automatic Glass Cutting Machine equipped with Template scanner and Auto Tool Changer – INTERMAC from BISSE GROUP, Italy. During Glass Bulletin’s visit to Jivan Industries, Raipur, it was found that the project doesn’t need any updating in the next five years and is really crafted with all expansion possibilities and expertise.

Email: info@jivanindustries.com
Website: www.jivanindustries.com

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