Deceuninck leads with innovation in uPVC doors & windows

August 11, 2017 Product Hunt3

Posts Impressive Rate Of Growth In Indian Market

Deceuninck is among the top 3 players in the world producing uPVC profiles for doors and windows. As a true speciali

st in compound technology, design, development, extrusion, finishing and recycling, Deceuninck continually develops innovative products to offer its customers the best in quality.

Deceuninck celebrates 80 years of its existence with 670 million euros worth of sales in 2016 through its 15 vertically integrated manufacturing units and 21 distribution centres spread across the world. Deceuninck’s Indian arm has been growing at a 30% year on year rate since the setting up of its warehouse in Chennai. Deceuninck’s vast experience in MENA, Asia and Australia has helped develop formulation which can take care of the high UV radiation in India and also the heat. As all tropical mix profiles are produced in one plant quality is assured to the customer. Tests done at SKZ Germany shows that the degradation of the impact strength after 6000 hours of exposure to UV at 12GJ/m2 was just 3.7%.Deceuninck uses Twin Extruder technology to infuse the high quality TPx mix to the external sight surface and the lower mix to the inner chamber walls. This ensures a superior exposed surface which lasts longer in harsh climatic conditions and has excellent welding strength. The company’s strategy to bring in the full range of products has paid off as local and other European companies juggle with limited range or part production and part import. Deceuninck’s products are competitively priced in the 60mm segment with Everest Max and Bella Sliding systems. In its own league with the 70 mm Class B, 5 Chamber Zendow has the ability to accommodate 44mm thick glass. The 70mm Sliding with 136mm three track is a first in the class with 3 chamber sash design offering the better thermal and wind resistance.

Product range
Zendow – 70mm Casement series with 5 Chamber design, Class B – various types of openable doors and windows. Uf 1.3 W/m2K
Everest Max – 60mm Casement series with 4 Chamber design, Class B – various types of openable doors and windows Uf – 1.5 W/m2K
Sliding 70 – 70mm sliding series in mono, dual and triple rails with 3 Chamber design in Class B
Bella Sliding – 60mm sliding series in mono, dual and triple rails with 2 Chamber design in Class B/C. Bi-fold doors in Zendow and Max giving flexibility and options of rounded or sharp edges. Parallel sliding doors in both Zendow and Max
Lift and Slide seires – HS 76 – High performance sliding doors for bigger openings – each sash can be upto 6sqm.

As a Industry leader, Deceuninck is launching the Legend – 80mm, 6 chamber design in Class B, Uf – 1.17W/m2K with capability to have glass up to 44mm to up the ante in the high performance door segment. Deceuninck’s warehouse in Chennai stocks nearly 500 tonnes of profiles which are monitored by a proprietary logistics software – DEPLIS which enables the firm to store, track and pick the right article from its location across 32,000 sq ft space. In line with their policy to supply high quality uPVC doors and windows, Deceuninck has installed a testing rig at the warehouse to enable testing of the doors and windows made by authorized channel partners. The test rig has a capacity to house 2.4m X 2.4m door and can test air infiltration, water penetration and wind resistance. This gives them an edge in establishing Fabricator Product Control.


Source: World of Fenestration

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