Şişecam’s second patterned glass line investment in Mersin

August 18, 2022 Company News1

Company Currently Operates 8 Flat Glass And 1 Patterned Glass Lines At Four Locations In Turkey

Şişecam, the founder of the Turkish glass industry, remains committed to making investments contributing to the growth, exports, and further development of the industry.

DR. AHMET KIRMAN, Şişecam Chairman and Executive Member of the Board

Şişecam, a world leader in the glass and chemicals industry, provides input to both architectural patterned glass and energy glass sectors as the only company producing patterned glass in Turkey.
The global player currently operating with eight flat glass and one patterned glass lines at four locations in Turkey, has announced its investment of a patterned glass furnace with a capacity of 600 tons per day and energy glass processing lines with a capacity of 20 million square meters per year.
This new investment in Mersin/Tarsus OIZ amounts to TL 3.4 billion (EUR 185 million), including working capital. With this latest investment, Şişecam aims to be one of the main suppliers in the renewable energy investments globally. Dr. Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Chairman and Executive Member of the Board, emphasized that Şişecam, the founder of the Turkish glass industry, is committed to making ongoing investments that create sustainable value for all stakeholders while supporting growth and exports of industries to which it provides input.
“Şişecam continues to create value for Turkey despite today’s extraordinary economic environment, as it has throughout its 87-year history. We are moving forward with new investments in line with our strong global goals and our focus on sustainable growth across our core business areas. At the same time, we are closely monitoring global trends and exploring new investment opportunities. Even though overall energy costs are on the rise, declining costs of electricity generation from solar energy and growing awareness of sustainability globally offer new opportunities in the patterned glass and energy glass markets.
“In line with our strategic priorities of meeting glass demand in Turkey and creating value its economy, Şişecam decided to invest in a new patterned glass furnace and processing lines in Mersin. This new investment will allow us to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the rapidly growing solar energy market globally. We believe that this investment is perfectly aligned with our sustainability targets,” Kirman said.
He pointed out that the climate crisis and growing awareness of carbon emissions among both consumers and national governments have made transition to renewable resources a top priority in the energy industry, one of the sectors with the highest carbon emissions.
“The energy supply/demand imbalance spiked natural gas, electricity and fuel prices. This in turn boosted demand for renewable energy resources with its lower costs compared to fossil fuels. As a result, solar energy stands out as the most viable solution for electricity generation today. Energy glass market demand in Turkey is forecasted to reach 23 million square meters in 2022, up from 8 million square meters in 2018, registering nearly threefold growth. Our new investment will support us to capitalize on this highly attractive opportunity in energy glass market,” Kirman further said.

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