Pujol-100 PVB+ System

August 20, 2022 Product Hunt2

Oven For Production Of Laminated Glass With PVB & EVA

Pujol, founded in 1911, is the only manufacturer in the world with its own production of ovens and EVA.

Over the last two decades, Pujol has served more than 2,000 installations and established itself as a leader and fully specialized company in the laminated glass sector, fulfilling the objective of offering an integral service consisting of ovens, consumables, training and technical assistance service, covering what it believes are the needs of its customers.
The Pujol-100 SYSTEM has been developed and designed to allow glass laminators to work basically on PVB films without the need to install, and keep on running additional costs, of a climate control room, calandre installations or accessories climate BOX of humidity and temperature control.
Thanks to the double vacuum and high uniformity temperature distribution system, Pujol is the only company in the market which can warranty a 100% of traceability and repeatability of each working process in autoclave free systems and as additional performance without the need of climate control system for the PVB films during storage or processing.
When using with EVA films, it works as a high speed convection oven to laminate glass by the Pujolevalam Fast Curing System all integrated in its automatic assembly line, for the production of laminated glass. This enables to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the quality of the laminated, allowing to catch up the short times of curing in the FC series Laminate oven from Pujol.
Due to its high production and flexibility, it is possible to produce as much as 1,000 sq m per day and more in the bigger models and modular configurations. Therefore, it is possible to offer a quick response to orders, improving service and attention towards clients.

Highlights of Pujol 100 PVB+ System
1. Laminates any type of PVB and EVA
2. Double vacuum based system, first on the market
3. No need of climate control of humidity & temperature in storage &/or processing
4. No prepressing unit required (so no calandre and no preheating infrared tunnel required)
5. No need or requirement of BIG Compressor
6. No hazardous ambient or risk of explosion like exist in Autoclave
7. Costs Reduction due to energy efficiency, of up to 70% per unit produced, compared to autoclave systems, due to energy efficiency. As there is no additional energy cost for
• Compressor
• Pre‐Pressing Lines (Heating tunnel & Calandre)
• Cost of Climate Chamber & Assembly Room
• Cost of Heating High Volume and Inertia space of Autoclave.
8. Up to 40 mm. Glass thickness processing in 1 piece or Multi pieces independent compositions, with trays full, 60mm on smaller glasses.
9. High temperature uniformity process by using 96 Heating Plates radiating over up & down Surface of glass
10. Less space required, lines with no calendaring are smaller than in Autoclave systems
11. Parking station & double platforms unit allows optimize the process cycle times, while half are processing in oven, the other half are unloading and loading for next batch, reducing to 10 minutes process of introduction & extraction and restart LAM process in the oven
12. Lamination costs don’t depend on production level, even if production decreases, costs stay constant
13. High volumes of production with minimum personnel.

Although the production increases or decreases, the consumption of the New Pujol100 System is always constant, unlike the traditional autoclave system.
The Pujol100 System is highly profitable for productions up to 500 sq m per day / 11,500 sq m per month.
As Pujol PVB 100+ fully replaces the requirement of autoclave and able to produce both EVA lamination and PVB lamination including sentry, bullet proof glass, curved glass in the same furnace with almost quality control with less man power and least energy requirement.
Presently, Pujol in association with K BOND are able to installed two Pujol-100 PVB+ machine in eastern and southern part of India and these machines would be ready for production before the year 2022.
Compared to conventional autoclave systems, Pujol 100 PVB+ high speed oven uses convention and radiation system for both EVA and PVB laminations with fast cycle to get high and flexible production in lower costs. It has the following advantages compared to autoclave systems.
• High productivity
• Flexibility
• Low personnel requirement
• No fixed running cost
• EVA & PVB can be laminated at the same time
Considering the above advantages of the Pujol-100 PVB+ machine, it is advisable to look into the option to have such a cutting edge technology meeting with high quality precision and high production capacity will always add the value to your plant and give high return to the organization.

About K BOND
Established in 1995, K Bond specializes in manufacturing of glass glue (UV adhesive), glass paints and glass lamination machinery. The company works towards introducing new glass technologies, research and development, technology training, manufacturing, and selling raw materials for glass.
Currently, K Bond is the sole authorized distributor of M/s Pujol for the sale of their EVALAM Films and highly sophisticated EVA and PVB lamination machines across India. The Pujol -100 PVB+ system is being promoted in India as one of the best products meeting the requirements of the Indian glass industry.

Email: info@kbond.in, hipujol@hornospujol.com
Website: www.hornospujol.com

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