NorthGlass showed the power of “Created in China” at Glasstec 2022

October 7, 2022 Latest Updates0

The Glasstec 2022 came to a successful end on 23rd Sept, 2022. The restart of Glasstec provided an important stage for 936 exhibitors from 47 countries, showing the strong power of this industry to 30,000 visitors from 119 countries. NorthGlass’ double exhibition areas made a splendid appearance at Glasstec, and the exhibits feasted the exhibitors’ eyes.

Glasstec 2022 once again provided a direction for the glass industry in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and the global economic downturn. NorthGlass cherished the opportunity of face-to-face communication with foreign customers, and sent a strong team and brought the latest products.  NorthGlass exhibited three exquisite tempered glass exhibits and launched the 4th generation of A-series tempering furnace in the Technology Live exhibition area and NorthGlass’ booth, which caused a huge amount of attention on the first day of the exhibition and received amazing feedback at the scene. In the following days, NorthGlass’ sales managers were overwhelmed by the customers who arrived after hearing the news.

According to statistics, NorthGlass has received more than 1,500 visitors from more than 400 enterprises, and signed and reached contracts and intentions for nearly 20 sets of tempering furnaces totaling nearly 40 million RMB at the exhibition site. NorthGlass deep processing equipment has the advantages of high efficiency and reduced energy consumption reflected by its intelligence, automation and informatization, which has laid a good foundation for international sales in 2023.

As the only Chinese enterprise exhibiting at Technology Live, the “Flower of NorthGlass” – 3D multi-curved mirror glass of NorthGlass bloomed brilliantly at the Glasstec 2022. In the NorthGlass exhibition area, even competitors, standing in front of the multi-curved mirror glass, are amazed, express their appreciation for the processing technology of NorthGlass, and marvel at the greatness of “Made in China”.

NorthGlass exhibited contemporary innovative products together with outstanding peers around the world. Everyone discussed the latest trends and developments in scientific research and put forward prospects for the future of the industry. This is a stage for competition as well as a stage for communication. All outstanding companies present their latest R&D  achievements to show the charm of glass together.

Glasstec 2022 has witnessed the changes in the global market under the epidemic situation, and also witnessed the development and changes of NorthGlass in seeking innovative breakthroughs in recent years. Today, we see that by the Rhine River, an innovative and international North Glass stands for “Made in China”, blooming and shining.


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