Digital Glass Door Lock – Intelligent security solution by Ozone Overseas

March 2, 2023 Product Hunt0

Makes Your Life Smarter With Technology!

Digital glass door locks are an upgrade on existing locks to modernize them with technological advancements

Digital glass door locks are modern locks that are specifically designed to be used on glass doors. They typically consist of a lock mechanism that is mounted on the door frame. A latch that extends through the door handle and into the lock mechanism when the door is closed.
Ozone Overseas uses a variety of technologies to secure the door, including sensors, keypads, fingerprint, and RFID (radiofrequency identification) readers.

To unlock the door, one would need to enter a code or use a keycard or smartphone app or your fingerprint. One can also access the door lock through the OzoLife Mobile App.
Digital glass door locks are an upgraded version of existing locks modernized with technological advancements. These locks have complete records of who has entered or left the premises.
Digital glass door locks can be used in a variety of settings, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and public spaces. These locks can provide a high level of security for businesses, as well as convenience for employees and customers. Some selected models can be programmed to allow access for authorized individuals only. These glass door locks are aesthetically pleasing and go well with any interior.

The smart features of the Digital Lock are – 99 Doorbell – The lock has an icon used to ring the doorbell

  • Auto secure feature – You will be notified if you type the wrong password 5 times, fingerprint or RFID card
  • Low battery alarm – The alarm will start to beep when the battery is low and about to die
  • USB for power battery backup – You can use a power supply of 5 volt in case of battery depletion
  • Cut-out free installation – No glass is required to be cut in order to install the lock
  • Auto and manual lock – The auto locking feature locks the door itself whereas the manual feature does not close the door automatically
  • Fingerprint mode – The lock has a user capacity of 600 users and you can save up to 200 fingerprints.

Providing innovative solutions to Indian consumers, the glass door locks rely on technological advancements for safety. This lock is completely controlled through one’s phone, securing who enters and exits their house.



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