‘Need to focus on standards, guidelines on hardware use in buildings’

June 7, 2023 Interview0

Taiton’s Hemant Kathuria Tells GB About Challenges In Hardware Sector In India

Company has acquired 8 acres of land in Hyderabad to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which will be operational in the next couple of years.


Hemant Kathuria leads the operations of Taiton in north and east India as Director. He has over 17 years of experience in the glass and architectural hardware industry.
Headquartered in Hyderabad, Taiton has a pan-India presence of sales partners, sales and service personnel to carer to its clients. It has a wide product range for airports, hospitality sector, shopping malls, healthcare industry, retail stores, residences, educational institutions, automobile showrooms, commercial buildings, corporate offices and many more.

Hemant Kathuria, Director of Taiton operations in north and east India, speaks to Glass Bulletin on his experience at the company, projects he oversaw, latest trends and challenges in the hardware sector and the future plans of the company.
Excerpts from the detailed interview:

– Tell us about Taiton.
Taiton is a growing brand which provides the largest and the most comprehensive product range that has been intelligently crafted to suit the modern hi-tech commercial and residential establishments.

– How has your journey in the company been?
My journey in the company has been very exciting, wherein, we have done research on many products and combined technology with innovation to develop the products which are technologically advanced, ergonomic and affordable.

– Tell us about your product range and what sets you apart from other brands?
We deal in wide range of products such as glass façade hardware wherein we have patch fittings, shower cubicle fittings, spider fittings and sliding doors, then we have door control hardware for wooden and metal doors, automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors, electronic locks for hospitality and residential sector, movable acoustic partitions, smart switch film, railings. We have also launched exclusive aluminium profiles for wardrobes, telescopic slim sliding and modern office partitions. Our wide range, quality of the products, our unbeatable service, our R&D and our dedication to develop and supply more beautiful and high-quality products sets us apart from other brands.

– What is the latest trend in the hardware industry?
There was a time when frameless glass was a trend in the market for which patch fittings were used to make fully transparent frameless façade. After more than two decades, the trend is now shifting from frameless towards aluminium framed with the introduction of slim sections.
There are abundant opportunities to create beautiful interiors with slim aluminium sections and glass.

– What are the products you launched recently? What’s next?
Recently we have launched Luxury wardrobe and Partition systems under the Brand name “TAVIC by TAITON”.
Here architects, interior designers and clients will get various colours and finishes option for sleek-framed wardrobes, slim framed telescopic and bi-parting sliding system (automatic and manual) and demountable office partitions. All aluminium sections provided by us are high quality anodized with our own branded hardware.
There are a lot of next-gen products which are in the pipeline, you may follow our social media, Youtube and website to get latest updates about the new launch products.

– Tell us about some of the most prestigious projects done by you
We have a pan-India presence with a network of dealers, distributors, and sales and service personnel to cater to the demands of our prestigious clients. We have done some very prestigious projects such as IIMRanchi, Honda Bigwing showroom, Mercedes showroom, Numaligarh Refinery to name a few.

– What should be the criteria to select good architecture hardware?
It is a challenging task to select good architectural hardware as there are many options available in a wide price range. It is very important for the purchaser to have in-depth technical knowledge to select good architectural hardware. One should ask for product certification, cycle test parameter and material grade test reports while making a selection. Also, the process of manufacturing is important to know as the durability of the product is ascertained from a planned and correct process.

– How do you compete with unbranded hardware available in the market?
In the Indian market, unbranded hardware is generally of interior quality and there is very less chance of availability in the next lot. We focus on maintaining the quality of our products and supply chains. We also conduct training sessions for dealers and fabricators to educate them about the difference in quality of products available in the market.

– What are the major challenges to India’s architecture hardware industry?
Glass and hardware industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past three decades, lots of growth is yet to happen. Good amount of work has been done on the usage of glass in buildings. Standards are in place. A book titled ‘Guidelines on use of glass in buildings -Human Safety’ was published in 2007 with numerous revisions and reprints.
Unfortunately, negligible work has been done on the hardware side with respect to standards, specifications and guidelines of use of hardware in buildings. Absence of an architectural hardware suppliers association on the national level makes the situation confusing.

– You have a smart digital solution for the hotel industry. Tell us about it
In Taiton, we always adapt a futuristic approach while developing and introducing each and every new product. We had the smart digital solution for the hospitality sector before Covid, whereas other Brands are still seen struggling with the Technology part. We offer touchless check-in and room access solutions for hotel Industry where the room key is shared to the smartphone of the guest, which they can use to unlock their room.

– What are your company’s plans to make quality hardware products in India?
Following the Make in India approach by the government, we have chalked out plans to manufacture quality hardware products in India. We have already secured 8 acres of land in Hyderabad to set up a state-of-theart manufacturing unit which will be operational in the next couple of years.

– What is the future of the architecture hardware industry in India?
As I have already mentioned that the architectural hardware Industry has witnessed splendid growth in the past decade, credit goes to the architects and interior designers to incorporate the hardware in the designs and then the contractors for perfect execution. With the development in all sectors such as government, private, hospitality, healthcare etc. strong demand of architectural hardware has been created in the market which provided a window to a lot of regional players to grow which led to introduction of a lot of cheap, substandard and interior quality products in the market. Thankfully, the customers are getting more Quality conscious, and they demand for strong, durable and robust products. It is also noticed that product specifications are getting strict in the Govt. tenders too. Everything sums up towards the growth of the organised architectural hardware market.

– What products are you exporting?
We are exporting quite a few products such as digital locks, sliding systems, glass facade hardware, shower cubicle fitting, railings etc. to various international markets.

Website: www.taiton.in

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