FOSG 10th Annual Processors Conclave 2023

June 7, 2023 Events0

Held In Goa, It Was FOSG’s First-Ever Conclave With No Sponsors, Media

Only glass processors were in attendance so as to ensure more time to discuss, deliberate, plan and strategize the future course of FOSG.

After the 9th FOSG Annual Processors Conclave at Amritsar in 2019 and thereafter the lapse of three years due to Covid Pandemic, FOSG hosted its 10th Annual Processors Conclave in Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa, which concluded with grand success on 30th April 2023.

This conclave was the first-ever conclave with no sponsors, no media, no outsiders but only and only glass processors so as to get more time to discuss, deliberate, plan and strategize the future course of the Federation Of Safety Glass (FOSG) in the interest of its esteemed members.

The conclave marked FOSG’s largest-ever gathering since it began its journey in 2010, with total 176 attendees from 86 companies participating.

FOSG Chairman Mr Gurmeet Singh, in his presentation, highlighted the details of the activities done in the past year. He expressed his delight at the fact of 28 new processors joining as members during the year 2022.

Some of the achievements during the year were:

  • Management committee strength increased from 12 members to 18 members
  • Applied for anti-dumping duty on toughened glass from China for home appliances through one of the best law firms in India
  • Provided assistance to members for getting BIS certification through appointed panel consultant Aleph India QMS
  • Meeting organized with Union Minister for MSME Nitin Gadkari to address our concerns on the shortage of float glass
  • Filed submission with DGTR opposing anti-dumping duties on float glass from Thailand, Iran & Bangladesh
  • Got QCO on float glass extended to April 2022 which had already come into effect from April 2021 by providing extensive data to DPIIT
  • Took necessary steps to ease the import of float glass in order to address the gap between demand and supply
  • Organized meeting with all domestic float manufacturers to request giving preference of supplies to processors, to produce more of clear than tinted glass and to discourage exports
  • FOSG participated in the Zak Glasstech Expo in New Delhi

The conclave also witnessed several informative panel discussions, besides presentations by individual members of the FOSG.

Mr Sarjit Singh Kang gave a presentation on ‘How FOSG benefits its members’, Mr Subhash Jajoo on ‘Calculation for IGU, processors to mention bite thickness in PI to customers’, Mr Sharanjit Singh on ‘Manufacturing and post manufacturing costs’ and ‘How to review, reduce and recover’, Mr Ashok Jain on ‘How to cater to increase in cost of inputs, rate of interest and energy etc’, Mr Sahil Singal on ‘Method for calculating cutting waste’, Mr P Ganesh on ‘Consortiums: A way of tackling large projects’, and Mr Gurmeet Singh on ‘What help FOSG can take from CII for the association matters’.

Young members Mr Ali Kamil, Mrs Alina and Mrs Manpreet Singh Kang anchored the conclave and kept the event alive with their energy, passion and enthusiasm.

The event saw record-breaking attendance and immersive participation by all members. The event came to a close with the summing up of the conclave by Mr Ali Kamil and a vote of thanks by FOSG Chairman Mr Gurmeet Singh. As a token of appreciation, a certificate towards furthering the objectives of FOSG was presented by the chairman to all participating member companies.
On May 1, interested members took a trip to Belgaum to visit the new plant set up by Gold Plus. The visit was organized and sponsored by Gold Plus.

Vinod Tandon,
Secretary, Federation of Safety Glass
Mob: +91 9810176936

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