JINGLASS impressed at China Glass turnout

June 7, 2023 Events0

Intelligent ‘Vulcan’ Series Proves Major Crowd-Puller

Presented various products and arranged detailed explanations of product technology every day at the exhibition.

JINGLASS participated in 32nd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition in Shanghai in early May. The event saw the participation of tens of thousands of domestic and foreign glass industry manufacturers.

During the exhibition, glass industry manufacturers from many countries visited JINGLASS intelligent Glass Tempering Furnace, known as the “Vulcan” series.
Many customers also showed great interest in the iTemper intelligent control system, which indicates that more and more glass processing enterprises pay more attention to creating high-quality glass.

JINGLASS adheres to the concept of technology innovation and is always eager to bring customer service within reach. In the exhibition, it not only presented different products but also arranged detailed explanations of product technology every day.

JINGLASS always strives to provide customers with the best quality service.

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