AGC Glass Europe releases Mirox 4Green+ premium mirror featuring water-based paint

June 7, 2023 Latest Updates0

Mirox 4Green+ is the latest version of AGC’s premium lead-free mirror featuring a water-based protective coating and even lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This fully opaque product remains the ideal solution for backlit applications.

Improving well-being at home and at work

AGC’s range of environmentally friendly mirrors helps preserve air quality in the home while eliminating the use of many toxic products, including copper, ammonia and lead.
Featuring a unique coating of water-based paint, not only does Mirox 4Green+ use 20% less paint compared to a standard mirror, but the paint itself contains less than 10% organic solvents and the water-based paint’s VOC emissions are 80% lower than a standard mirror. All this makes Mirox 4Green+ a truly sustainable product, which, with near zero indoor emissions of volatile organic compounds*, contributes to good indoor air quality.
In fact, in addition to contributing to the well-being of building occupants, Mirox 4Green+ also improves working conditions on the shop floor. Thanks to its water-based paint, less CO2 is released during the production process (about 150 g of CO2 /m2 prevented), which in turn contributes to the well-being of our workers.
Mirox 4Green+ is a fully recyclable product. It has an even lower environmental impact than Mirox MNGE – which is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze – and will go through the same certification process.

Full opacity for backlit applications

Mirox 4Green+’s fully opaque paint keeps the diffusion of light within the sandblasted part of the glass, providing a superior finish and making it ideal for backlit mirror applications.
Both Mirox 4Green+ and Mirox MNGE are available in four colours: Clear, Clearvision, Bronze and Grey. They can also be ordered in a SAFE+ version for enhanced safety.


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