LandGlass features ‘intelligent manufacturing’ at China Glass

June 8, 2023 Events0

Presents Unparalleled Feast Of Industry Innovation For Peers & Clients

Throughout the four-day event in Shanghai, the LandGlass booth remained bustling, with numerous intelligent interactions and splendid displays.

On May 9, the 32nd China Glass concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. LandGlass, with the theme “Customized & Intelligent Solutions, For Your Next Leap Forward,” presented an unparalleled feast of industry innovation for domestic and international peers and clients.

On the opening day, under the guidance of Mr Zhao Yan, Chairman of LandGlass, distinguished guests such as Yan Xiaofeng, President of the China Building Materials Federation, and Jin Zhanping, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Silicate Society, visited LandGlass booth.

They delved into the company’s customized, personalized glass tempering machine and smart factory solutions provided for various industries, including large-scale architectural curtain walls, new energy vehicles, and electronic glass. They also experienced the remarkable performance and diverse, scenariobased applications of LandVac vacuum-insulated glass.

Throughout the four-day event, the LandGlass booth remained bustling, with numerous intelligent interactions and splendid displays. The ingeniously designed LandVac performance demonstration cabinets, and exceptional quality tempered glass exhibits for various industries not only showcased LandGlass’ innovative capabilities to global clients but also attracted numerous domestic and foreign customers for consultations, negotiations, and collaborative agreements.
Consequently, LandGlass’ domestic and international sales teams signed large orders, achieving a record-breaking sales volume for the exhibition.

The successful hosting of the China Glass dispelled the gloom of the post-pandemic era, revealing not only the thriving vitality of China’s glass industry but also the diligence, intelligence, resilience, and tenacity of the Chinese people and the nation’s economy.

As a leading enterprise among the SRDI (specialized, refined, and innovative) “little giants” in China, LandGlass will continue to collaborate with domestic and international peers and partners, converge innovative momentum, jointly shape industrial value, and embrace the glorious era of China’s high-quality development.


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