Leybold wins Product of the Year category “Cases and Enclosures” for Hygienic Enclosure.

October 25, 2023 Latest Updates0

UK, October 2023 – Vacuum equipment specialist Leybold UK, based in Chessington, Surrey, has been recognised by the Instrumentation Excellence Awards. The Leybold Hygienic Enclosure for vacuum pumps has won Product of the Year Cases and Enclosures. The Awards celebrate the very best professionals, products, projects and companies from across the test, measurement, sensing and control sectors. Leybold UK was honoured and pleased to receive the Instrumentation Excellence Awards during the award ceremony on 19th October in London.

Hygienic Enclosures for Vacuum Pumps
Food Safety is essential for the food market and typically food producers & processors disinfect their installations and machines daily just to guarantee a high Food Safety level. Vacuum pumps are mainly built-in or installed next to the machinery and that’s with only poor or even no protection at all. Most vacuum pumps cannot cope with daily washdowns, especially with aggressive cleaning media, these result in corroded vacuum pumps, reduced life cycles or even increased risks of pollution. To avoid this, Leybold has developed a range of Stainless-Steel Hygienic Enclosures. The enclosures are simple and don’t interfere with the pump’s operations.
“Receiving the Product of the Year Award in this category in particular is a special recognition of the quality of our products in the area of food processing,”says Juliane Garz, Business Line Manager Leybold. “It’s impossible to overstate the importance of safety and quality in food manufacturing and with the Hygienic Enclosure food applications can now be operated more hygienically, ergonomically and flexibly.”

Vacuum systems are used in a wide range of applications and processes
Leybold designs and manufactures vacuum pumps, systems and components that create the necessary production conditions for the industrial manufacture of semiconductors, data carriers, displays, coated architectural glass and solar cells. Vacuum systems are critical to food processing and packaging, especially when it comes to food safety, improved shelf life and ease of processing. Vacuum is also indispensable for the operation of mass spectrometers and electron microscopes as well as in almost all areas of modern research and development, including space simulation and exploration.

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