Ozone: Slim Frame Sliding Systems designed to enable seamless clear view

January 24, 2024 Latest Updates0

Today’s modern architecture requires seamless, simple, functional openings for commercial projects and residential designs. Ozone’s  Stealth Series is specifically tailored for internal applications, and is ideal for large, clear structural openings.

Shower Systems
In-built with soft open and close mechanisms, flawless gliding is easily achieved along with distinct and clear views, proving viable in helping architects and designers achieve a more integrated overall look.

These soft-close sliding systems also come with concealed pneumatics and a compact soft-close dampener, thus providing a slim and aesthetically pleasing appearance. With a 16mm profile, it plays a key role in setting the context of the project.

Swing Door Systems
The versatile Stealth Series consists of sliding systems, swing door systems, shower systems, and automatic sliding systems.

Key attributes include not only cost-effective and easy-installation solutions but also adaptability. The complete range does not require bottom tracks and includes optional handles with high-quality door-locking mechanisms. Customization is available for door height and door panels. Furthermore, various types of glass patterns can be configured using a divider and pasting grid profiles.

Automatic Sliding Systems
But the benefits don’t just stop there. The series also has an in-built 2-way soft close mechanism for smooth and silent sliding. This not only reduces inertial impact but allows for noiseless day-to-day functioning.

For additional visual appeal, concealed ceiling tracks and track covers are offered to match your interiors. These systems come in 3 finishes – Brushed Antique Brass, Brushed Rose Gold, and Black Matt and can be installed without glass holes, saving time and cost.

Pocket Sliding Systems
The advanced combination of design, quality, and functionality makes the Ozone Stealth Series ideal for architects, fabricators, interior designers, and builders who are looking for products that add high quality, maximize glass surfaces, and result in a design of transparency and simplified functionality, which are key aspects of modern architecture.

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