Innovative leadership & sustainable growth: A deep dive into Avanish Singh Visen’s vision for glass

May 18, 2024 Interview0

APPL CEO In Conversation With GB On Navigating Market Shifts, Innovating For The Future

From his strategic vision to leadership style, Avanish Singh Visen shares his insights for success in glass manufacturing and long-term plans for Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd.

A seasoned leader in the glass manufacturing industry with substantial experience, Mr Avanish Singh Visen has navigated Ajay Poly through dynamic market shifts and technological advancements. His insights offer a profound understanding of innovation, sustainability and market competitiveness.

MR. Avanish Singh Visen CEO & Director, Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd.
MR. Avanish Singh Visen CEO & Director, Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd.

In this interview with Glass Bulletin, we explore APPL’s trajectory and strategic direction under the leadership of Mr Visen.

Excerpts from the conversation:

– How has the market evolved over the last 5 years, and what key trends have you observed? What is your leadership style?
Over the past five years, the glass manufacturing market has witnessed significant evolution driven by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and sustainability concerns. Key trends that have emerged include growing demand for energyefficient and smart glass solutions, increased emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices, rising adoption of speciality glass in various industries, and expanding applications of glass in sectors such as automotive, construction, and electronics. Additionally, there has been a notable shift towards customisation and personalisation, with customers seeking unique and tailored glass products to meet their specific needs and aesthetic preferences.
As a leader within the company, my leadership style is characterised by a combination of visionary thinking, strategic planning and empowering others to excel. I believe in setting a clear vision and direction for the company while also fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By encouraging open communication, valuing diverse perspectives, and empowering employees to take ownership of their work, I strive to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment where everyone feels motivated and supported to contribute their best.
Moreover, I place a strong emphasis on integrity, agility, heart-to-heart relationships, fast response to the market, accountability, and ethical conduct, ensuring that business practices align with our core values and principles. By leading by example and fostering a culture of excellence, I aim to drive the company’s success and sustain its long-term growth in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

– Where does your company stand in terms of market share and competitiveness, and how does it distinguish itself from competitors?
Our company holds a significant market share within the appliance glass manufacturing industry, owing to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
We maintain a competitive edge by continually investing in research and development to develop cutting-edge glass solutions that address emerging market needs and challenges. Moreover, our customercentric approach, coupled with a focus on operational efficiency and sustainability, distinguishes us from competitors, allowing us to deliver superior value to our customers and maintain a strong position in the market.
By leveraging our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team of professionals, we consistently exceed customer expectations and set industry benchmarks for quality, reliability, and innovation. Our emphasis on continuous improvement, coupled with a proactive approach to market trends and customer feedback, enables us to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics and maintain our competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving glass manufacturing landscape.

– What are the long-term goals for the company, and how do you plan to achieve them, including targeting specific markets or segments for growth and sustainability?
The long-term goals encompass sustainable growth, innovation, market diversification, global expansion, and operational excellence. To achieve these objectives, we have plans to invest in research and development, form strategic partnerships, adopt a customer-centric approach, invest in talent development, and implement sustainability initiatives across the organisation.
Additionally, we have planned to focus on market segmentation and targeting, exploring inorganic growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, and establishing robust performance monitoring mechanisms to ensure agility and adaptability in response to evolving market dynamics. Through these strategic initiatives, we aim to solidify our position as a leader in the glass manufacturing industry while driving long-term value for stakeholders.

– Can you describe the infrastructure of your company, focusing on manufacturing, research and development, and logistics?
Manufacturing Infrastructure:
– Production Facilities: We operate state-of-the-art manufacturing plants equipped with specialised machinery for glass processing, shaping, tempering, printing, and finishing processes. Our plants are strategically located in the north, west and southern parts of India.
– Quality Control Labs: Integrated quality control labs are strategically positioned within manufacturing facilities to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards at every stage of production.
– Safety Measures: Our manufacturing plants are equipped with advanced safety systems and protocols to ensure the well-being of employees and the protection of equipment.

Research and Development Infrastructure:
– R&D centres: We maintain dedicated research and development centres staffed with highly skilled scientists, engineers, and technicians.
– Testing facilities: Our centres are equipped with advanced testing equipment and simulation tools to research glass compositions, properties, and manufacturing processes.
– Collaborative spaces: Our collaborative spaces facilitate crossfunctional collaboration among R&D teams, fostering innovation and the development of cutting-edge glass products.

Logistics Infrastructure:
– Distribution centres: Our strategically located distribution centres/manufacturing facilities facilitate storage and distribution of finished glass products to respective regional customers.
– Transportation fleet: We maintain a diverse fleet of vehicles, including trucks and specialised carriers, to ensure timely delivery of products to customers.
– Supply chain management systems: Our advanced supply chain management systems integrate logistics operations with production planning, inventory management, and customer order fulfilment processes.
– Warehousing facilities: Our modern warehousing facilities provide ample storage space for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods, optimising inventory management and order fulfilment processes.
Overall, the infrastructure of our company is designed to support efficient manufacturing operations, drive innovation through research and development, and ensure seamless logistics and supply chain management to meet customer demands effectively.

My leadership style is characterised by a combination of visionary thinking, strategic planning and empowering others to excel. I believe in setting a clear vision and direction for the company while also fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

– What steps has your company taken to ensure quality control and efficiency in production?
Here’s a brief overview of the steps we have in place to ensure quality control and efficiency in production:
– Standardised processes: We have implemented standardised production processes to maintain consistency and quality across the production line.
– Quality assurance protocols: Our rigorous quality assurance protocols, including regular inspections and testing, ensure that products meet specified quality standards.
– Employee training: We invest time and money in employee training and skill development to ensure workers are proficient in their tasks and can identify and address quality issues promptly.
– Continuous improvement: We place special emphasis on continuous improvement and encourage our employees to identify inefficiencies and propose solutions to streamline production processes.
– Utilisation of technology: We have incorporated advanced technologies such as automation, AI and data analytics to optimise production efficiency and enhance quality control.
– Supplier quality management: We have implemented robust supplier quality management systems to ensure that raw materials and components meet required standards, preventing defects in the final product.
– Feedback loops: We have established feedback loops from customers, employees, and stakeholders which help us identify areas for improvement and ensure that production processes align with customer expectations.

MR. Avanish Singh Visen CEO & Director, Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd.

– In terms of supply chain, what strategies has your company implemented to mitigate risks and ensure the timely delivery of products?
– Diversification of suppliers: We avoid over-reliance on a single supplier by diversifying our supplier base to reduce the risk if one supplier faces issues like production halts, natural disasters, or financial problems.
– Inventory management: Implementing robust inventory management strategies such as safety stock, just-in-time (JIT) inventory systems, or strategic stockpiling help us buffer against supply chain disruptions.
– Supplier relationships: Building strong relationships with key suppliers ensures better reliability and more flexibility in handling urgent demands or unexpected changes.
– Supply chain visibility: Enhancing visibility across the entire supply chain helps in identifying potential issues early and addressing them
– Risk assessment and management: Regularly conducting risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in the supply chain is vital.
– Responsive logistics: Employing a flexible logistics strategy that includes multiple transportation options and routes to safeguard against disruptions.
– Technological integration: Employing technologies such as IoT, AI and blockchain enhance supply chain efficiency and transparency.
– Regular performance review: Continuously monitoring the performance of the supply chain and conducting regular reviews enable adjustments to strategies in response to new risks and inefficiencies.

– What has been the most rewarding aspect of leading your company in the glass processing industry?
– Innovation and development: Being at the forefront of technological advances in glass processing is immensely rewarding. We are always at the forefront of developing new, more efficient methods of glass production, improving the quality of the glass, or inventing new types of glass for various applications for home appliances.
– Sustainability efforts: We take pride in driving the industry towards more sustainable practices like implementing recycling programs, reducing energy consumption, or innovating eco-friendly materials and processes that decrease the environmental impact of glass production.
– Economic impact: We always contribute to the economy not just through the direct employment of workers, but also through the broader economic activities that the industry supports, including construction, automotive, technology, and more.
– Client solutions: We are always solving client problems with customised solutions. Whether it’s delivering glass that enhances architectural beauty or meets specific technical requirements, the ability to meet and exceed client expectations can be very fulfilling.
– Team building and leadership: Leading a team, nurturing talent, and seeing employees grow within our is certainly very rewarding. We take pride in creating a workplace culture that fosters professional development and personal growth.
– Market expansion: Our success in new markets and our commitment towards increasing the company’s share in existing markets through strategic partnerships, global expansions and innovative marketing strategies is our source of pride and satisfaction.


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