Hanjiang at China Glass 2017

August 8, 2017 Events6

Displays Completely Automated IGU Production Machines

At China Glass 2017, Hanjiang demonstrated completely automated IGU production machines with L shape, which include automatic glass loading machine, automatic Low-E film removing machine with 90 degree automatic turning table, automatic argon gas filling IG line, sealing robot, automatic spacer bending machine, desiccant automatic filling machine, automatic butyl extruder machine, and so on.

Compared to the last edition of the Ghina Glass Exhibition, Hanjiang has come a long way with several upgrades to their machines. From single glass loading to finished IGU, Hanjiang’s automated line needs only two operators to handle the complete set of machines. For example, to solve space shortage problem, Hanjiang has specially designed its L-shape machine for complete automatic solution. Customers can easily connect the automatic Low-E film removing machine with IG line or IG line with sealing robot with L shape. Hanjiang Gas filling IG line also moved a step ahead to process Low-E, double, triple, 4-side step with gas filling perfectly. Their gas filling speed is 2 seconds for 1×1 sq metres with 9mm spacer gap. With unique design in press machine, gas consumption is lower compared to any other current gas filling line in the market. Sealing robot is another big achivement for Hanjiang. The sealing robot as the first Chinese robot overcomes Dow Corning 983 type of sealant successfully. All this is due to their accurate ratio system which is fully controlled by servo motor and screw system, so that ratio is more precise than other robot in the market. With demonstration of all these advanced machines, Hanjiang achieved huge success in this exhibition. In this high competitive environment, Hanjiang won the market through high automation, premium machine quality and reliable and trustworthy image.
Hanjiang In India
Hanjiang successfully sold 3 gas filling IG line to Indian processors and got 6 orders in total during the exhibition. The company believes more and more orders are headed its way after the exhibition. The 30th Hanjiang line will be installed in India this year and more high automation machines of Hanjiang will be installed in India in the near future.

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