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February 12, 2018 Product Hunt130

Production Technologies For Flat Glass Processors From The House Of Ayrox

Ayrox brings the best solutions for quality control and production technologies for flat
glass processors.

Ayrox, renowned globally for their quality control technologies, offers a wide range of solutions for processors of flat glass. Ayrox provides a wide range of quality control equipment and services for laminated, tempered and IGU glass.
• It has under its belt a large selection of non-destructive optical quality control equipment.
• It also provides calibration, repairs and preventive maintenance of quality control equipment.
• Ayrox also provides its clients training in quality control.
• Ayrox also provides PVB treatment from roll handling to cut sheets ready for lamination, including shaping, relaxation and cutting, also for wedges PVB.
• It provides PVB wiring machinery for heatable laminates.
• Ayrox also offers production accessories for laminated and tempered glass, such as silicone-free vacuum rings, aramide fibre tapes and tungsten wire.

About the company
Ayrox has over 25 years’ experience in the glass industry. They provide quality-control instruments complying with international norms for architectural and automotive glass, such as four-point bending, optical quality control, non-destructive gas measurement in IGUs etc. Ayrox also provides solutions for PVB handling, such as shaping and stretching for material savings, cutting of PVB, and wiring of PVB for laminates that can be heated. In addition to improving quality and optimising production, Ayrox commercialises production accessories for laminated and tempered glass such as silicone and silicone free vacuum rings and aramid fibre tapes.

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