Alstone’s token of gold towards forging a stronger bond

February 15, 2019 Events6

Rewards Best Performing Dealers, Distributors With Gold Coins

Alstone believes in making its relationship with its dealer network stronger and what better way than rewarding their association and loyalty with a token of gold.

In the financial year 2016-17, Alstone Wood Polymer Composite Vertical introduced the Gold Scheme for dealers and distributors to motivate and reward them on the basis of their performance. Alstone believes that the hard work and great enthusiasm put in by dealers and distributors deserve to be given their due acknowledgment and importance. This year too, the bond was made stronger by appreciating their association and loyalty with Alstone. Alstone’s area sales representative, along with country head Mr. Paramjeet Singh Taggar, took on the responsibility of rewarding the best performers with gold coins. The meeting and greeting with dealers and their family members filled all with joy and the happiness and excitement could be seen on their faces.

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