China Glass 2019 ready to set sail in Beijing on May 22, 2019

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80 Per Cent Booths Are Sold Out

The 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (new venue) of Beijing during May 22 – 25, 2019.

Organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and contracted by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Glass 2019 will be the biggest event of global glass industry in 2019. This exhibition will attract nearly 1,000 glass industrial manufacturers and more than 40,000 buyers by its eight exhibition halls and over 100,000 square metres of exhibition area. At present, China’s glass industry is facing new growth and economic vitality, which were stimulated by a series of policies, including enhanced technological innovation in manufacturing of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Made in China 2025 strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative, Coordinated Development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Development strategy of Yangtze river economic belt and consumption upgrading of Chinese domestic market. China glass industry sustained trend of an increasing rise in 2017. The total output of flat glass industry in 2017 was 790 million weight cases with a 3.5% rise compared to the same period the year before last. Annual industry revenue and profit increased by 20% and 81% respectively, to RMB 75.9 billion and RMB 9.3 billion. The sharp price hike greatly improved the economic benefits of the industry. It should be also noticed that excess production capacity has not been effectively resolved and the glass industry faces downward pressure under an economic atmosphere, including price rising of raw materials, fuel cost and tighter draconian environmental protection policy. The total output of flat glass reached 497 million weight cases by the end of July in 2018. It is expected that performance of glass industry in 2018 will be generally smooth and make progress. Economic benefits and industrial structure of glass industry will continue improving, meanwhile, the industry value-added growth rate will maintain at same level of prior year. As a weather vane of global glass industry, China Glass 2019 will bring a trade platform and technical arena for international glass community by its grand exhibition scale, international outlook and professional exhibition services. On April 22, 2018, the 29th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2018) was brought to a successful conclusion. The exhibition took place in seven halls of the exhibition center and had an exhibition area up to 80,500 square metres. 865
companies from 29 countries and 33515 visitors including 4544 foreign visitors attended the show. According to an on-site questionnaire survey, 97 percent of exhibitors and visitors are “very satisfied” with China Glass 2018. High level of professionalization and internationalization of the China Glass exhibition was highly recognized by global glass community. Depending on the good momentum of the successful China Glass 2018, a great number of exhibitors have already applied for booths since the preparatory work of China Glass 2019 started in July and the most of the exhibitors have actually submitted booth applications as early as the end of China Glass 2018. Allocation work for bigger booth (more than 600sqm) is ending. Sales work for medium-small booth is being conducted since September. Up till now, Chinese companies, such as China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute Company Limited, China New Building Materials Design and Research Institute, North Glass and Luoyang Float Glass Group, among others, have finalized their participation in China Glass 2019. Many of international glass enterprises will show up as well, including LiSec, Glaston, Bystronic Glass, Dip-Tech, Von•Ardenne, Kuraray, SEPR, AGC, OMCO, Vesuvius, Bottero and Intermac. China Glass 2019 has received support from related organizations at home and abroad, including China Building Materials Federation, China Architectural and Building Glass Association, China Association for Glass Industry, ICE Italy, GIMAVVITRUM, BMWI and VDMA. The organizer of the show has all along carried on the principle of a service industry and made efforts to improve service by keeping the demands of either professional visitors or exhibitors in mind. In order to attract more high-level professional visitors, the organizer has conducted promotion through various channels, such as selecting industrial media, sorting data resources and taking advantage of internet means. The organizer sincerely invites glass industry insiders to participate in this grand event of global glass community.

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