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Another Path-Breaking Product From Alstone Industries

ALSTONE MIRROR FIX (MF-100) – a path-breaking product from the house of Alstone Industries, is an adhesive made for pasting mirror and lacquered glass to anything. Mirror Fix is a high-performance neutral cure silicone, which is particularly designed for bonding mirrors of all kinds and sizes without causing any damage.

It is a silicone- based product with technology and formulation from Germany. In India, only Alstone produces such high grade single component adhesive sealant. Alstone Mirror Fix (MF-100) is especially used for pasting of mirror and lacquered glass. This product gives a high bonding strength without damaging the back coating of these two materials. The curing time is also just 5-10 minutes which is enough to give good strength. It has a cure rate of 2mm/24 hours with a tooling time of only 10 minutes. It is a non-sagging high viscosity non-slump formula. MF-100 has an excellent UV and temperature resistance ranging between -60 to +100 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. Mirror fix (MF-100) makes a bonded mirror safer because there is no risk of large pieces of glass falling in the event of a breakage, which we usually witness if the mirror is nailed and screwed on the substrate surface. It cures by reaction with the humidity of the air and forms an elastic joint having a movement capacity of +/-50 %. MF-100 has a service life of at least 10+ years. MF-100 gives excellent primer less adhesion to numerous porous and non- porous substrates and thus can be used to fix mirrors of all types and sizes on any kind of substrate. It can be used for underwater and wet surface applications. It is an odorless solventfree adhesive, having high resistance towards weather conditions. The application areas can range from shops and homes to restaurants, gymnasiums, malls, offices, etc. This product is available in market as a 280ml cartridge in packing of 24 bottles, and comes in white color. MF-100 has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in unopened-original package in a dry place at temperature between +5°C and +25°C.

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