Madras Tuff Glass India: singlepoint source for all kinds of architectural glasses

February 15, 2019 Company News9

Madras Glass And Plywood Brings New Business Entity Offering Products Under ‘VELTUFF’ Logo

Madras Tuff Glass India (MTGI) is a new business entity of Madras Glass and Plywood (MGP), Porur, Chennai, which is one of a leading glass trading and versatile, innovative and technical solution provider for both interior and exterior glass applications since from early 80’s.

The finished glass products is offered under the brand logo of “VELTUFF”. MTGI is the only glass processing company with toughening facility located inside the city limit of Greater Chennai. Company Strategy Purpose To be a leader in the glass processing industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. Vision The continuous pursuit for new glass processing technologies. Mission statement To build long-term relationships with customers and clients, and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. Goals i. Regional expansion in the field of glass processing and developing a strong customer base. ii. Increase assets and investments of the company. iii. Build good reputation in the field of glass processing and architectural glass solutions. To keep up with the demands of the toughened glass quality, Madras Tuff Glass India has started its tempering furnace with top-class technology Glaston RC200 (the quality of glass processed by RC200 is undisputable). MTGI has at all times a team of technical experts to provide requisite support to the production system. The company delivers a responsive service every time, no matter how complex the project. MTGI offers the widest range of glass, meeting diverse industrial, commercial and residential needs including construction, automobile, pharmaceutical, furniture, defence and railway sectors. Infrastructure: Equipped with a 25,000 square feet cutting-edge glass processing plant, state-of-the-art equipment from the best manufacturers in the business and floor staff trained to make optimal use of the new machines, MTGI produces error-free glass that stands up to any test. Its infrastructure includes: ;; Glaston RC 200 (formerly Tamglass) – 4880mm x 2440mm from Finland ;; Lisec CNC Cutting Table 6100mm x 3300mm from Austria ;; Bottero Bevelling Machine from Italy ;; Bottero Holes Drilling (4mm to 100mm) Machine from Italy ;; Warm edge spacer-based IGU machine (Pana Machine) from Turkey ;; Autoloader 6100mm x 3300mm from China – custom made as per MTGI’s Technical specification ;; Breaking Table 6100mm x 3300mm from China ;; Single Edger from China – custom made as per MTGI’s requirements ;; Flatbed UV Printer 3200mm x 2500mm with Roller printing from China – custom made as per MTGI’s Technical specifications ;; Washing Machine (low –e grade) from China ;; Automatic Drilling (4mm to 100mm) Machine from China ;; Automatic Vertical (2500mm) Frosting Machine from China ;; In Purchase: Double Edger with
Washing Machine, Lamination with Autoclave, Insulated Glass Processing Machine, Seaming Machine and other host of glass processing machines All of MTGI machine’s specification meets international and Indian standards ERP software (Oracle and Webenabled) implementation is in progress to facilitate business management control and development and online production process information to key customers. Services Offered: Madras Tuff Glass India processes glass to make it strong and functional. MTGI claims to make it better for a myriad of applications. The product range includes: ;; TOUGHENED GLASS better strength, greater safety ;; PRINTED GLASS SPLASHBACKS (UV) bringing glass to life ;; BACK PAITNTED GLASS (PU & Toughenable Ceramic enamel Coated) Brilliant Solutions for Commercial and Residential Spaces ;; INSULATED GLASS UNIT (Double or Triple) better energy efficiency, greener buildings ;; LAMINATED GLASS better strength, greater security and sound proof ;; BENT (Curved) GLASS Curved, laminated and armored glass and crystal custom made ;; FROSTED GLASS adds warmth and style to any décor ;; BEVELLED EDGE GLASS adds a sense of depth on the glass Madras Tuff Glass India takes pride in the quality of its glass, and single point source for all glass needs.

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