China Glass returns to Shanghai in 2020

December 10, 2019 Events0

Total Exhibition Area To Exceed 90,000 Sqm; Over 900 Top Enterprises Expected

Thanks to the overall stable and progressive development of China’s economy, the production of China’s glass industry in the first half of 2019 was stable on the whole with high-quality development.

There are remarkable results in the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and increasing profitability. The total output of flat glass was 460 million weight cases, rising 6.8% year-on-year by the end of June. There was a slight increase in the output of processed glass sector, including tempered glass, insulating glass and laminated glass. Total revenue of flat glass industry reached 32.9 billion yuan from January to May, up 6.4% year-on-year. The glass industry still keeps the growth momentum in output and profit under a downward pressure. The promotion of national policies and the internal demand for industrial transformation and upgrading have brought multiple benefits to the glass industry. The Chinese government is strongly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional construction industry to the construction industrialization, as well as promoting energy-saving technology and assembled buildings. A large number of enterprises in glass deep processing serving in the field of building energy conservation are showing great demand for accelerating the structural adjustment of products, improving craftsmanship and technology content, and promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. They are mainly focusing on the improvement of technological equipment and investment in environmental protection facilities. The innovation and upgrading of technical glass have brought new growth points to China’s glass industry, especially the development of ultra-white glass, ultra-thin glass, photovoltaic glass and energy-saving glass, as well as innovations in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and substrate. Facing opportunities and challenges, many glass enterprises are actively seeking for transformation and upgrading, as well as technological breakthroughs. China Glass, as a professional exhibition in the glass industry, always adheres to its philosophy of both being based on and serving the industry.

It continuously explores, innovates, expands exhibition scope, enriches activities, improves service, helps enterprises seek new business opportunities and reach new corporations, and promotes industry transformation and upgrading. Organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and contracted by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Glass 2020 will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on April 14-17, 2020. With cultivation and development in over past 30 years, China Glass has become an international well-known exhibition with full independent intellectual property rights. It is the most commercially valuable exhibition in China’s glass industry as well as the platform for innovation exhibition, technology exchange and business talks. China Glass 2020 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), including 7 indoor and 3 outdoor exhibition halls. Various subjects will be displayed and allocated among the 10 exhibition halls: E1 for international brands, E2 for glass production, E3 for tempering furnace and refractory materials, E4 – E7 for deep processing equipment and domestic glass, outdoor exhibition halls for raw and auxiliary materials. Total exhibition area will exceed 90,000 square meters. It is expected to attract approximately more than 900 top enterprises and more than 40,000 professional visitors in the glass industry. The popularity of China Glass and the difficulty of finding stands are the consensus of numerous enterprises. In this case, a large number of enterprises had submitted their applications for China Glass 2020 even before 30th China Glass exhibition was over. We have already received many reservation applications since the stand sales started in July. To satisfy the great demand from many other small and medium size enterprises, the organizer managed to expand 3 new exhibition halls for extending more exhibition space. So far, there are over 400 domestic companies and 150 foreign companies have confirmed their participation at China Glass 2020.

Those domestic companies include: China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group, Ruitai Materials Technology, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute, China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute, Sinoma Advanced Materials, China Yaohua, Luoyang Float Glass Group, China Glass Holdings, TAIWANGLASS, Xinyi Glass, CSG Holding, Jinjing Group, Shanghai SYP Glass, Kibing Group, Flat Glass Group, Shanxi Lihu, Hebei Yingxin, Shahe Glass Group, North Glass, Mountain Glass, Land Glass, South Glass Technology, Tenon(Beijing), Yinrui Intelligent Technology, Fangding Safety Glass, Beijing MGM Glass, EI Automation Equipment, GOLIVE, Guangdong Fushan Glass, Beijing BOZA, Jinan Weili, Liaoning North Glass, Lewei Science & Technology, Tianjin Dinganda Glass, Guilin Champion Union, Dardi Water Cutter, Shandong Sanjin Glass, Mr. Glass, HIHO Glass, Shanxi Dahua Glass, Weifang Sanjiang Glass, Zibo GT Industrial Ceramics, ZIBO ASAHI, etc. Foreign companies include: Lisec, Glaston, AGC, Vonardenne, Vesuvius, Sefpro, Dip-tech, Bentele, Henry F. Teichmann, Buhler Leybold, Grenzebach, Five Stein, Precision, Hegla, Zippe, Air Liquide, Bottero, Fenzi, Intermac, Ocmi, Carl Zeiss, Horn, Koemmerling, Technoform, Teka, Viprotron, Glasstech, Teco, Honeywell, etc. China Glass 2020 has got the great support from many related organizations at home and abroad including: China Architectural and Building Glass Association, China Association for Glass Industry, Italian Trade Commission (ICE Italy), The Association of Italian Manufacturers and Suppliers of Machinery, Equipment and Special Products for Glass Processing (GIMAV), Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). The organizer will continue to cooperate with relevant industry organizations to set up German, Italy and American national pavilions in E1 hall. Nearly 100 glass manufacturers from the three countries will showcase on the stage of China Glass 2020. In order to promote business communication and attract more professional buyers from all over the world, the organizer has established the cooperation with over 20 professional media in the glass industry and advertised across Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Latin America. All those who are interested in participating in or visiting China Glass 2020 can register on-line (www. or subscribe via our official account on Wechat (Wechat ID: chinaglassexpo) for more detailed information and submitting application.

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