Welcome You Again at New Edition of the 31st China Glass Exhibition in May 2021 Shanghai

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The 31st China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2021) which is organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and undertaken by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., will definitely be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from May 6th to 9th, 2021.

In January this year, just when the critical period for preparation of China Glass Exhibition was on, meanwhile, widespread pandemic took place, all walks of life include glass industry had to be suspended because of the COVID-19. the 31st China Glass Exhibition as a flagship exhibition in global glass industry was decided to postpone in order to ensure the health and security of the exhibitors and visitors as well as the exhibition effect and economic benefits of the numerous exhibitors. Through multi-party communication and active coordination, the 31st China Glass Exhibition was postponed to May 6th -9th, 2021. The current situation of the epidemic prevention and control in China is gradually getting better. Furthermore, the enterprise assistance policies that were continuously released in all parts of China have also brought multiple benefits to the glass industry’s recovery. As the most influential professional exhibition in global glass industry, the China Glass Exhibition will rely on its platform advantages and dedicate a fruitful trade and technology exchange gathering for the Asia Pacific and even global glass industries.

The exhibition hall has been adjusted to hall N1- N5, W4, W5 and two outdoorhalls at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The international exhibiting area is allocated in hall N1, the glass production exhibiting area is allocated in hall N2, the tempering furnace and refractory exhibiting area is allocated in hall N3, the deep-processing equipment exhibiting area is allocated in hall N4, N5 and W5, moreover the hall W4 and two outdoorhalls are allocated to display raw materials, main and auxiliary materials, domestic glass and art glass. The overall display scale of the exhibition will exceed 90,000 square meters.

At present, all preparation work for the exhibition has already started out on all aspects, and the organizer is carrying out the second confirmation of the booth with the signed exhibitors. Many manufacturers at home and abroad intend to participate in the 31st China Glass Exhibition with undiminished enthusiasm despite the postponement. So far, there have been more than 700 exhibitors to confirm their booths and sign new contracts. Many exhibitors express that the 31st China Glass Exhibition is an important marketing activity for them to achieve and increase sales, and that it should not be missed. A large number of equipment manufacturers in the field of glass deep-processing have also requested to expand the scale of booth area. The rebounding of the overseas epidemic is not hurting the enthusiasm of most international enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibitors from overseas express that as the overseas epidemic has gradually stabilized and the progress of research and development of Covid-19 vaccines is accelerated, the economic and trade exchanges will return to normality, thus the China Glass Exhibition is the most influential exhibition platform in the glass industry of Asia-Pacific region, which is the indispensable platform for international enterprises who intend to access to the Asia-Pacific market.

Under the new normal of the epidemic prevention and control, there have been many well-known domestic glass manufacturers to sign new contracts and participate actively in the exhibition, for instance, China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group,CTIEC,Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research &Design Institute, China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute, Bengbu Glass Industry Research &Design Institute, North Glass, Luoyang Float Glass Group, China Yaohua, Hua Guang Group, TAIWANGLASS, Xinyi Glass, Land Glass, Mountain Glass, Jinjing Group, CSG Holding, Shanghai SYP Glass, Kibing Group, Hubei Yijun Yaoneng New Material, Hebei Yingxin, Wuhan University of Technology, Anhui Jingling, Jinan Weili,Beijing BOZA, Zibo GT Industrial Ceramics, Shahe Glass Group, Shahe Glass Research Institute, Flat Glass Group, HIHO Glass, Mr. Glass, Sinoma Advanced Materials, China Glass Holdings, Shanxi Lihu, Ruitai Materials Technology, Qinhuangdao Yuntong glass, Liaoning North Glass,Guangdong Fushan Glass, EI Automation Equipment, South Glass Technology, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals, GOLIVE, Tenon(Beijing), Beijing MGM Glass, Hangzhou Jinglass, Yinrui Intelligent Technology, Chengdu Guibao, ZIBO ASAHI, Dardi Water Cutter, Shandong Sanjin Glass, Chengde Huafu Glass, Weifang Sanjiang Glass, Huayang Glass, Guilin Champion Union, Yuandong Refractory, Xinfuxing Glass, Chaoyang Glass Machinery, Deway Glass machine, Fangding Safety Glass,Beijing Hanjiang Automatic Glass Machinery, Beijing Glorious Future Glass, etc.

Mainstream international glass industry manufacturers have confirmed to participate in the China Glass Exhibition: LiSEC, Glaston, Kuraray, Intermac, Von Ardenne, Henry F. Teichmann, Sefpro, Zippe, Carl Zeiss, AGC, Koemmerling, Honeywell, Dip-tech, TECO, RHI, Fives Stein, Grenzebach, Vesuvius, MSK, ISRA, Air Liquide, Precision, etc. Once again, this not only highlights the degree of internationalization of the China Glass Exhibition, but also indicates that the overseas manufacturers pay closely attention to the China and Asia-Pacific glass markets represented by the China Glass Exhibition.

The 31st China Glass Exhibition has got strong support among foreign government and industry organization, for example, ITA-Italian Trade Agent, ICE– Italian Trade Commission, GIMAV-Italian Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Machinery, Equipment and Special Products for Glass Processing, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, VDMA, the German Engineering Federation, etc. The China Glass Exhibition will continue to cooperate with them to set up German and Italian national pavilions at Hall N1.

At present, the glass industry is in a stage of transformation, upgrading and high-quality development. The glass enterprises have been facing multiple challenges due to the impact of the epidemic situation, so that this gets many enterprises to have more eager to maintain business relationship with users and open up new markets with an authoritative industry exhibition platform. As the most influential service-platform in the glass industry, the China Glass Exhibition is tightly linked to the upstream and downstream of the glass industry chain, and has the advantage of platform unique capabilities so as to promote the industry collaboration and to stabilize and optimize industrial chains. The China Glass Exhibition also is an all-facet opening-up platform to bring more new opportunities for a closer collaboration and a shared development among global glass industries.

The Chinese Ceramic Society as the organizers of the China Glass Exhibition will be well-organize and steadily advanced on exhibition promotion, booth arrangement, exhibitor promotion, concurrent exhibition activities, audience organization and other aspects in order to dedicate a grand event on productive trade and technology exchange for all the glass industries in the world. We are now cordially inviting the global glass industry partners to log on to the official website(www.chinaglass-expo.com)of the China Glass Exhibition and WeChat official account(chinaglassexpo)to get more information on the exhibition, and to enjoy convenient service in both booth application and visitors’ registration.

Website: www.chinaglass-expo.com

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