New EASYMARKER 30 series: Automatic glass marking up to a dimension of 30 mm

January 9, 2021 Latest Updates44

After the recent launch on the market of Marker 301T, the portable marking unit that enables to imprint a logo up to 30 mm in diameter, the R&D department of the Bergamo-based company has now completed the development of a fully automatic version.

The Easymarker series is in fact enriched with two new models, Easymarker EV30 and Easymarker UP30, which enables to imprint on the surface of glass and mirrors a mark with a diameter of up to 30 mm in a totally automatic way, ensuring the same quality and sharpness of marking as the standard version with 25 mm diameter. This new solution was designed to respond to the needs of a leading international company in the production and processing of flat glass, which needed to imprint on the glass surface extensive information about the compliance of their products with the international standards related to material safety in the building industry (ANSI, CFR, SCGG, UNI, EN, CE, etc.). A further advantage of this marking system is the possibility to totally automate the process by interconnecting the equipment to other machinery such as washing machines, cutting tables, double-glazing lines, tempering and laminated furnaces, etc. Considered the low investment needed and the minimal process costs, this method can represent a convenient solution for large companies as well as for small-medium sized enterprises. Fratelli Pezza’s product range also includes the manual and portable ÔÇťMarkerÔÇŁ series available in two models: M101T and M301T.

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