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Fratelli Pezza, following the trends of the sector, enriches the entry-level ZEPHIR series with a new model designed for those who need to sandblast large glass panels

A 2021 full of new challenges for Fratelli Pezza that, after the launch of the automatic marking devices of the Easymarker 30 series, adds another product to its range of automatic sandblasters. Alongside the models Zephir 120 and 180 already in the catalogue, there will also be the ZEPHIR 260, which allows automatic processing of plates up to a height of 2600 mm and a thickness of 50 mm. The Zephir series has always been the ideal choice for those companies that do not have complex decorative needs but simply need to sandblast entire glass sheets quickly and with quality. The new architectural trends have required an increase in the size of the windows and for this reason Fratelli Pezza has decided to create a cheaper version than the top of the range MISTRAL 260EV for those companies that need to process large glasses but have a limited investment budget. Like all the automatic sandblasters manufactured by Fratelli Pezza, the newcomer will also be equipped with a static electricity reduction system and a self-cleaning filtration system. Sandblasting machines are also proving to be very interesting from a perspective of circular economy: glasses with surface defects can in fact be sandblasted and put back on the market, giving them new life and at the same time generating added value for the glassworks.

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